Matt’s story: Australian vasectomy experience

The decision I spent a lot of time making the decision that vasectomy was the way to go. I’d thought for a few years that it was the easiest and best long-term contraceptive option, and when our youngest was 3, I started thinking seriously. I always like to read up on anything I’m planning to … Continue reading

Dave’s experience: Beware of men with beards!

In 1981 as soon as our family was complete as far as we were concerned, I decided that the big snip was the answer! My wife considered going back on the pill but it was at a time when there were plenty of scare stories going around about cancer of the whatnot and growths on … Continue reading

Dan’s experience: Childfree and nervous

I am 27 years old, married, no children. My wife and I decided long before we were married that we did not want to have children. I was initially a little nervous to have the procedure done, but after researching the Internet it helped to calm my nerves (a little). The first visit went smoothly. … Continue reading

A reader’s story: Post-vasectomy sex

My experience of vasectomy resembles that of others. Certainly, my wife and I carefully considered the decision, viewing it as a permanent choice – in our case, not to have children at all. And I did a lot of web-searching and reading on my own before deciding that what I was hearing from my doctor … Continue reading

Ross’ Vasectomy Story – A Normal Experience

Well, I’ve had it done! I had it done on Thursday, and feel fine – today is Sunday. It’s very slightly sore if I move too fast, but otherwise no problems. I’m going back to work tomorrow. I’m really grateful to the group – I read all the posts avidly. It was one hell of … Continue reading

Cass’s story: English guy’s experience

This is my experience of the ‘snip’, which I had about 20 hours ago. Firstly, the staff at the Hospital, St Helens near Liverpool UK, were superb. Their care and professionalism made the whole deal a lot easier than I thought possible. So, the details for those of you still waiting or plucking up courage. … Continue reading