Ben’s vasectomy story: A Planned Parenthood vasectomy

I wanted to share the details of my recent vasectomy for the stories section. Mine is similar to other stories, though I am unique in that I pursued a free vas through the local Planned Parenthood, and am a recovering Sex Addict, which added some unexpected turns to surgical recovery. 3 months pre-surgery My wife … Continue reading

Chad’s experience: Vasectomy with scrotal hematoma

I decided to have a vasectomy 2 years after my divorce with 3 children in the middle. I wanted one at 19 years old but the doctor said I was too young and I listened to him, glad I had some children before undergoing surgery. Had a Traditional Scalpel Vasectomy in early 2011 by a … Continue reading

Chris’ experience: Failed vasectomy

Typically I am a very positive person. I am not very positive about my vasectomy story. My wife was pregnant with our third child. I was at work at my firehouse and was having a conversation with my chief and telling him that my wife had decided to get a tubal ligation after delivery. She … Continue reading

Vasectomy with hematoma

I am 35 yrs old, 5’9, and 165lbs. I had the procedure done at a Planned Parenthood facility in Concord, CA. The cost was $450. I eat a regular diet and am very active. I have a very high pain tolerance and don’t mind needles. I think everyone should start with some stats. Who knows, … Continue reading

Rich’s experience: My failed vasectomy

You can tell someone to bump that 0% on early recanalization of a vasectomy that included cautery just a tiny bit. My doctor, who is by far the most heavily recommended in the area for a vasectomy, took out about 1.5 inches of vas from each side, folded, and cauterized the ends. He warns verbally … Continue reading

An epic vasectomy story

Here is my male surgical sterilization experience. I wanted to record something other than the generic, “I worried, it didn’t hurt, it turned black and blue, we tried it out and it still worked, my balls ache a bit, I am childfree, whee!” story. Repeating the mistake of Polonius, “Brevity is the soul of wit, … Continue reading

Chris’ experience: Post-vasectomy hematoma

I had a no-scalpel vasectomy in the fall of 2008. At the initial appointment, the doctor told me I had a varicocele on my left side, but that it was common and I could still have the procedure. A week or so later, the procedure was quick (10-15 mins) and virtually painless. The doctor and … Continue reading

Stuart’s experience: My vasectomy story

I had a vasectomy about 11 years ago after the birth of our fourth child. I saw this as my duty since my wife had delivered our children and took responsibility for contraception up until that time. The procedure was performed under a local anesthetic by a GP at a local medical center. That evening … Continue reading

Greg’s experience: Reversal and epididymectomy to overcome PVP

Here is my consolidated and updated vasectomy story. I apologize that the story is somewhat longer than the usual submission to your site. This is because the story deals not only with vasectomy but also with post-vasectomy procedures including reversal, epididymectomy, and orchidopexy. I hope my story will be of some assistance to your readers. … Continue reading

Robert’s experience: Vasectomy problems

In hindsight, my story begins back in 1974 with my wife, June, and I decided to start a family. We consulted our G.P. and on questioning June and me she told us that because June had been on the Pill for eight years without a break it would take time for her to fall pregnant. … Continue reading

Eric’s experience: My vasectomy story

In 2003, I saw my regular physician for something, I can’t remember. During the visit, I asked him about referring me to a vasectomy. He told me that I should think it over with my wife, and consider it absolutely permanent. I believe it was great advice. So, we did consider it for quite some … Continue reading