Richard’s vasectomy experience

Many thanks to the Webmaster and all of the other men who have shared their stories and provided important information to others considering a vasectomy! I am 31 days away from undergoing the procedure, so my voyage is not yet complete; however, I wish to share what I have learned so far. (I’m scheduled for … Continue reading

Paul’s experience: Problems afterward with a hematoma

8 December Last Friday my number finally came up and I went under the knife. A couple of days later one side swelled up, which I figured was just normal. However, I had to take a trip to the emergency doctors this morning as the swollen side had reached football like proportions. It was causing … Continue reading

Vasectomy with complications – A couple’s story

Steve’s Story I’m a guy who views himself as always “doing the right thing.” I agreed to have a vasectomy in July of 1999, and share my story in the spirit of the fact that I wish I had this information before making an almost irreversible decision. My wife’s current opinion of vasectomies can be … Continue reading

Peter’s experience: Infection and re-stitching

At 37 and with three children, I thought enough was enough. We were not in a position to have a fourth, as the flat was bursting at its seams! Condoms always seemed a bother and disrupted the rhythm of things. The decision to have a vasectomy was mainly mine. My GP is Catholic, with 5 … Continue reading