Greg’s experience: Reversal and epididymectomy to overcome PVP

Here is my consolidated and updated vasectomy story. I apologize that the story is somewhat longer than the usual submission to your site. This is because the story deals not only with vasectomy but also with post-vasectomy procedures including reversal, epididymectomy, and orchidopexy. I hope my story will be of some assistance to your readers. … Continue reading

Scott’s experience: PVP story

Intro Before telling my story, I want to thank Dave and many of the people listed on this website for their support. During my bout with Post-Vasectomy Pain (PVP) Syndrome, I’ve corresponded with several people here, including Adam Yahre, Lorenzo Panarella, Greg Fournier, Steve Joiner, and others. Their encouragement, advice, and support have helped me … Continue reading

Ann’s experience: Reversal story

I’m new to this website but I thought I would share our story so others could benefit from our experiences. My partner had his original vasectomy when he was 30, he had no children prior but was actively avoiding that at that time in his previous relationship. He had his reversal in Nov 1998, about … Continue reading

Vasectomy with complications – A couple’s story

Steve’s Story I’m a guy who views himself as always “doing the right thing.” I agreed to have a vasectomy in July of 1999, and share my story in the spirit of the fact that I wish I had this information before making an almost irreversible decision. My wife’s current opinion of vasectomies can be … Continue reading

Fern’s experience: Story of regret

As I’m sure is the case with a lot of men, the idea of a vasectomy came from my wife, who got it from one of her friends… This subject would have never come up otherwise. It’s very difficult to say no to the person you love most in your life, so I started doing … Continue reading