Stacy’s experience: My perspective

Hello. This is from my perspective, but my husband has been sharing it all with me! Background I am 33, he is almost 32. We’ve been married for four years and are childfree. First marriage for both, no children from any previous relationships. We didn’t experience any of the horror stories we’d heard about urologists … Continue reading

Ann’s experience: Reversal story

I’m new to this website but I thought I would share our story so others could benefit from our experiences. My partner had his original vasectomy when he was 30, he had no children prior but was actively avoiding that at that time in his previous relationship. He had his reversal in Nov 1998, about … Continue reading

Stephanie’s story: NSV procedure

Just a note from the woman’s point of view. Last fall I found that I had developed high blood pressure and would not be able to use the pill. We tried condoms for about a month. I had forgotten how really bad they are. We had to find something better. I told my husband, Donald, … Continue reading