Stephanie’s story: NSV procedure

Just a note from the woman’s point of view. Last fall I found that I had developed high blood pressure and would not be able to use the pill. We tried condoms for about a month. I had forgotten how really bad they are. We had to find something better.

I told my husband, Donald, that I was thinking of getting an IUD. He said that they were not safe and that the best thing was for him to go for a vasectomy. Because we are both older and our children are grown. He felt that to be safe having a baby it best was for him to do it.

We talked to a couple who’s husband had it done. They were happy with the doctor and gave us his name. We called him and went in for an appointment. The first visit the doctor goes over the procedure NSV and has you sign consent forms. They set the date for Friday two weeks later.

About Wednesday my husband was getting cold feet. I ask him if he didn’t think it was the right thing to do? And really was it not the wait that was the problem? I ask if I couldn’t try to get an earlier appointment? He said I was right but I should call as he didn’t want to talk with them.

I called explained the problem to the nurse, she gave a little laugh, but she didn’t have any time open tomorrow she would call if there was a canceled appointment. She called the next day, they could fit him Friday the next day at noon. I told my husband, when he got home, that today was his lucky day that I was going to be super nice to him tonight and tomorrow morning too. Oh, and by the way, the doctor will see you at noon tomorrow.

He seemed very relaxed when we arrived at the doctor’s. The nurse had him come right in she prepped him while I watched whilst she washed and disinfected the area. The doctor then came to ask him how he was. He said that he was going to put a numbing agent first. The procedure went very quickly from that point on. The vas was found, clamped, pulled through the sack, the tube opened, the vas taken out, cut, tied, and put back. The other side took less time. I helped him up and he got dressed and I drove him home.

Donald said that the vasectomy went so well that he wished he had twenty years ago when I had the last boy. I feel that it made our life simpler and our love life better.

Submitted by Stephanie

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