Stacy’s experience: My perspective

Hello. This is from my perspective, but my husband has been sharing it all with me!


I am 33, he is almost 32. We’ve been married for four years and are childfree. First marriage for both, no children from any previous relationships.

We didn’t experience any of the horror stories we’d heard about urologists who would refuse vasectomies to couples without children. Our urologist asked us if we understood this procedure should be considered irreversible, which we affirmed, and then he asked us some other questions about how much we’d discussed the issue (since before getting engaged) if we understood the risks (yes) and if we were sure this is what we wanted to do. Yes! To be completely honest, it was ironic how we had to sign more paperwork and go through more “counseling” to have a vasectomy than to get married. Guess marriage is more easily reversed!

Day of the procedure

My husband had his vasectomy a week ago, on December 10. He had the closed-ended, non-clip vasectomy and the urologist went in on each side instead of just the one side as we’d read with some others. My husband said the anticipation was much, much worse than the actual procedure.

When he was done, I drove him home and immediately put him into bed with a bag of frozen veggies on his scrotum. He stayed there for the next 12 hours, which drove him nuts because he’s an active guy, but 12 hours of rest sure does beat three weeks of pain.


The next day, we moved him out to the living room couch where he again iced himself for a few more hours. He told me that he thinks the pain and discomfort would have been much worse had he not iced himself continuously immediately after the procedure and worn an athletic supporter constantly except while sleeping. He also said urinating and showering were rather awkward, not because of actual function but fear of pain and/or disrupting the incisions.

Four days post-procedure, he felt great other than a small knot in his right groin area. Seven days post-procedure, the groin pain is gone and all that remains is some obvious tenderness at each of the incision spots. He’s back to standard boxer briefs.

We have not yet attempted any sort of sexual contact and he hasn’t masturbated. That’s the next step but he feels great and is happy he had the procedure.

As his wife, I’m very proud of him and look forward to the “all clear” in a couple of months!

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