Erich’s experience: My childfree vasectomy adventure

I am 22 years old and have no kids nor a significant other – this is strictly a scare-prevention tactic.

I got a referral to a urologist who has a good reputation. It appears that the doc and I have the same birthday (he’s 12 years older), are both the oldest of a family of 3 boys, and have the same motorcycle – we spent more time talking about that than anything else! He probably broke some rule of conduct by telling me he had likewise been snipped when he was 24 and in medical school and had no problem working on me. I told him the type of procedure I wanted (no scalpel, open-ended) and he was good to go with that. He said he’s done about 600 snips (that’s all he does every Fri!) using the no-needle procedure I want and not a complaint about anything yet so am happy about that. After a quick exam, he told me to make an appt. with his receptionist and that was it.

The vasectomy

On the day of the appointment, Friday, July 21, 2006, I took off my pants at 8:32. He opened up a puncture wound closer to the base of the penis and did the right side first. Only ever felt minimal tugging. He certainly wasn’t rough. Was very quick too. I declined his offer to do it blindfolded. LOL, At 8:49, he put a mini Band-Aid on the puncture and I was lacing my pants back up again. Knowing my buds were in the waiting room with a limo waiting for me, he said “we’re done!” and with specimen cups and vas snips in alcohol in hand, I was home by 9:15.

After the procedure

Slept all morning and most of the afternoon. Have just laid around watching TV and dozing in and out of consciousness. So far, no big deal. Going to have another session with the peas and a Tylenol before I go to bed. Will see what the morning brings! No big plans other than more dozing and lying around.

Just minutes short of 24 hours, I’m alive, with morning wood which was REALLY great to have, and the whole previous day’s event is sinking in. I’m going to be CHILDFREE for the rest of my life! (as I see my tubes in the specimen cup).

The whole scrotal area is a little sensitive to the touch and just the slightest bruising at the puncture site. Bought two boxes of condoms so when I finish those I’ll give a sample and hopefully get a 0 count the first time and the second sample just to make sure. Hopefully by Labour Day or soon after I’ll be good to go!

A week +8 hours, give or take, I have been a very good boy. Did nothing but lie around with the peas wearing the jockstrap until Tuesday a.m. when I went back to work. Took it easy all week and just started wearing regular underwear today. So far so good. The bruising got only a little worse, but still nowhere near what I expected. Gentle massaging of the spots made them go away by about Tues. I am not the least bit tender down there today but will not engage in any strenuous activity for another few days. As everything appears to be in working order, this will be easier said than done.

On Aug. 1 – a full 10 days after the vas, took everything out for a “test drive”! Absolutely remarkable in its unremarkableness, i.e. no difference at all from pre-vasectomy! Test drove again on the 3rd, then actual full-on sex 4th and 5th (twice). No change in sensations or anything else – just like before. No pain or discomfort of any kind. Will be 3 weeks tomorrow since the procedure. I think the extended time with the peas and not attempting anything sexual for almost two weeks certainly helped as far as negligible complications are concerned.

Four weeks today since the vasectomy. Have had the occasional twinge on each side every now and then but nothing really noteworthy. Just part of the healing I guess. Did pop an extra-strength Advil, more for comfort than for actual need. No bruising or anything else of interest.

I am up to 15 ejaculations now and am on schedule to submit my first sample by Sept. 1. Can’t imagine there are many swimmers left anymore. Am really anxious to get the all clear.

Five weeks today since the vasectomy and doing great. Am at 21 ejaculations and will see what happens over the weekend. Will abstain starting Sun. p.m. so I have as much volume as possible when I give my first sample a week from now. Was thinking after I give my second sample I’ll just ask for a copy of the lab report and be done with it.

It’s just over a month now and has caught myself thinking “There can’t be any left. There can’t be any left.” LOL
I got the full 24 ejaculations in by Sun. p.m. I waited ’til Wed. a.m. and gave my first sample and the lab called the last thing in the day Fri. (I asked them to rush it!) to tell me that I was clear – no sperm whatsoever! Had my first sperm less bareback sex last night. It was great if for no other reason than knowing that no pregnancy would result. Will give another sample in a couple of months and get a copy of the lab report then for written verification of my new sterile state.

All in all, as I said earlier, the whole experience has been remarkable in its unremarkableness!

Update January 2011

It’s almost 4 1/2 years since I took the plunge and have not for a split second regretted the decision. Having the fear of an “unexpected” pregnancy is now a quickly fading memory, as is the frantic fumbling for a condom in the throes of passion.

I used quotation marks around “unexpected” because there are those women out there who are desperate to have a baby and will stop at nothing – not even an “oops I forgot to take my pill” – to get pregnant. In the last 4 1/2 years, I’ve been “oopsed” 3 times. Having my lab report verifying my sterility handy has saved me the untold hassle. Of course, there are those guys out there who are complete jerks (will refrain from using more descriptive language) that aren’t sterile and don’t use protection and don’t support the kids they sire. I am not one of those.

Since getting the all-clear, I’ve had no aches or pains or any other side effects. I had to look to find the puncture – it’s now just a little white pimple of scar tissue that you wouldn’t recognize to be that if you didn’t know any better. Performance has improved because of having the anxiety out of the picture. It’s amazing how stress can affect desire and performance.

I’ve had a couple of relationships over the past few years. They ended for a variety of reasons. Never once was my sterility an issue – at least it was never verbalized – as there are lots of girls out there now who aren’t wanting kids.
To any guy my age or younger contemplating the big snip, I can only speak for myself: I’ve never regretted doing it and am very happy and relieved knowing there’s no chance of any pregnancy – planned or “unplanned”. Go into the consultation with the doc with your mind made up, speak maturely, and assure the doc you’re settled in your mind to do this and you shouldn’t get a lot of hassles. Make sure you like the doc and make sure you look after yourself properly – no macho nonsense that gets guys into trouble.

Submitted by Erich

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