Don’s vasectomy story: Time for surgery ‘Down there’?

Several years ago, my wife gave up her fourteen years of having an Intra-Uterine Device. Her experience hadn’t been perfect and any reinsertion had some risk involved. It was love/hate for me since it DID prevent pregnancy, but it had those damned nylon threads that hung out of her uterus, which I could feel. The … Continue reading

A typical vasectomy experience

A few weeks ago I had a vasectomy. Strangely, I was less apprehensive about getting the surgery than I was about attending the consultation that preceded it a few weeks earlier. I did think occasionally about canceling, but it was more to do with the nervousness about being sliced open than the consequences of infertility. … Continue reading

Anonymous vasectomy story

I’m a 47 year old and moderately active. This is what worked for me. (and worked well, I might add). I got mine 48 hours ago. I got a keyhole version (one small central cut), vas were tied and cauterized. I got Novocaine (Lidocaine). That was the only minor pain during the operation. 20 minutes … Continue reading

Chris F’s experience: My vasectomy

Monday afternoon, at 1:15 pm I had my vasectomy. Today is Wednesday morning and I am now sitting on my couch with my laptop (in my lap) adding my story to those shared here. I would like to preface with this comment: Thank God for the information and stories shared on this website. The stories … Continue reading

Jason’s experience: My straightforward vasectomy

I wanted to add my story to help return the favor. I spent months perusing forums leading up to the big day… would I faint? Would it hurt? Will I be laying on a table for 2 hours writhing in agony? The day came Friday morning. Despite being extremely worried, I declined the Valium. I … Continue reading

Sirius’ experience: Vasectomy at a GP clinic

My partner and I decided together over the summer that we definitely didn’t want any more kids and due to some complications using the mini-pill we decided on a vasectomy. We saw our G.P. and were recommended for an appointment. We are in the U.K. and the N.H.S. does vasectomies for free in most cases. … Continue reading

Dan’s experience: My painful vasectomy!

My wife and I talked for a few years about vasectomy, but she’d been on the pill, and later on IUD and it had been working fine, so we decided she’d use an IUD one more time (the particular one she was using lasts ~5 years). About 5 months ago she went in for the … Continue reading

Sam’s experience: Marie Stopes vasectomy

After a number of years thinking, I finally decided that at the ripe old age of 48 years old I was too long in the tooth for having the selflessness required to raise any more children. My youngest being 14 years old. I fixed up an appointment to have a vasectomy. The day of the … Continue reading

Chris’s experience: My vasectomy

The idea of vasectomy had been kicking around in my head for some time, about as long as could remember, probably as long as I had known about the procedure. Not wanting children and hearing horror stories of accidental pregnancies and not trusting my wife (or anyone else for that matter) with birth control, I … Continue reading