An Anonymous Vasectomy Story

This is what *worked* for me. (and worked well, I might add).

I’m a 47 year old and moderately active.

I got mine 48 hours ago. I got a keyhole version (one small central cut), vas were tied and cauterized. I got Novocaine (Lydocaine). That was the only *minor* pain during the operation. 20 minutes for the operation. The doctor was excellent, had done this about 1,000 times before. Wear jockey shorts, but don’t try to wear BOTH a cup AND jeans at the same time (big mistake), very uncomfortable, but I was able to slip the cup out on the way home.

Local anesthetic wears off in 45 min or so, so get your meds *before* you get home. Perkaset was what they prescribed for me. I usually don’t take this strong stuff, but as the Novocaine wears off you’ll need it at least for the first 12 hrs. Make sure you use ice *all the time* and rest for the first 2 days (no joke).

(On a scale of 1-10) In the first 4 hrs I had pain levels of 3 because I took my meds too late. (learn from my mistake). After the perkaset, my pain was 1 for the remaining time. After the first 2 doses wore off, I just took some tylenol (2 tabs), and then 1 more perkaset the next night to get to sleep. I laid down or reclined on the couch most of the time.

The morning of the 2nd day *no joke* I went for a walk. because I was getting stiff from sitting around. I walked about 1/2 mile *very carefully*, and then I took a shower. When I came out, I had no pain. (I had only taken 1 tylenol after the walk), and the most discomfort I had, felt more like I had gotten a wedgie. But no pain.

Helpful hints: It sounds stupid, but a bag of frozen peas is better than the refreezer packs. (better coverage, more flexible/molding). Recline as much as you can. Make sure you have several freezer bags to rotate through, once one gets warm, you’ll want to keep swapping them out. Keep pets out of the area, as they tend to sense that something is up, and want to sit *on you*. My cats would not leave me alone. I was able to use my laptop (on my lap), so long as I kept ice underneath. You will need 3 days for sure to recover!

If you can get this type of keyhole Vasectomy and you follow the directions, you’re recovery will be quick. (mine was) I don’t now what the next few weeks hold in store, but I only have a small black and blue and one little drop of blood on the suture, nothing on my underwear. I know I won’t be doing handsprings anytime soon, but everything else is in working order. Don’t let all the horror stories freak you out. but make sure you get the least intrusive vasectomy you can.

Good luck!

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