Jason’s experience: My straightforward vasectomy

I wanted to add my story to help return the favor. I spent months perusing forums leading up to the big day… would I faint? Would it hurt? Will I be laying on a table for 2 hours writhing in agony?

The day came Friday morning. Despite being extremely worried, I declined the Valium. I hate the feeling of being drugged, so I’d rather deal with what comes. On my way into the room at 9 am, a fellow patient was taking his dose of Valium. I got into the room and the nurse stepped out while I got undressed and lay on the dentist-like chair. I wasn’t sure why she left, because as soon as I was laying down she had my increasingly shrinking member exposed and taped. If she would have waited 5 more minutes, my penis would have been inverted anyway! She remarked how the tape removal will be the worst part of the whole experience (she was right).

In comes the Dr. and he gets right to work cleansing with Betadine. He said I’d feel some pulling, but if anything was painful let him know. With that came the shot into the scrotal skin. Felt about like a pinch. Hurt worse than a kiss but much less than you would think. Next, he started feeling around for the left vas. He said my testicles were nervous, but he always finds it. In about 5 seconds he was injecting directly in the vas. It seems you can feel the medication reaching the testicle. About 3 seconds of weirdness and you are numb.

He immediately grabbed for the scalpel and I thought “no way am I numb yet.” I guess I was because I felt nothing of the midline incision. I didn’t watch, but he was doing a single incision and stitching both ends of the vas. This whole time, he’s asking questions about my job, family, etc. It was hard to concentrate in the conversation, but I did my best to avoid making myself start panicking. You can feel the vas moving around a little bit in your hip/groin, but that was it. Felt like a gas bubble in your hip socket. Not painful nor disconcerting. I see them doing something with some stitches and then he starts feeling around for the right vas. It had been about 5 minutes since the first shot, so I asked how far he was on the first one. He said that one side was done! That was a relief. Instantly I thought about how much time I wasted worrying! The right side was identical: shot, wiggling vas, stitch…That was it! 10 minutes at the most. I got down, got dressed, and walked to his office. There he gave me aftercare instructions, etc. On my way out, I saw Mr. Valium passed out in his chair. My wife and kids drove up from McDonald’s and I got in and drove everyone home.

I was quite sore when the medication wore off, but the jockstrap, peas, and immobility took care of it. I didn’t take anything for the pain a Tylenol would have taken care of it, but I don’t like taking pills, so I just sat with my peas and took it easy.

It’s now 24 hours later and the only thing I really notice is the incision. Again, if I didn’t have this phobia of pills it would be completely gone. I’m in no mood to go for a jog, but not in any significant pain either. Anyone with reservations about the procedure (pain, etc.) needs to not worry. I’ll take my sample in 6-8 weeks, and hopefully, everything was a success. If not, I’ll hop back up in a second and do it again. It was a total breeze.

Submitted by Jason

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