Don’s vasectomy story: Time for surgery ‘Down there’?

Several years ago, my wife gave up her fourteen years of having an Intra-Uterine Device. Her experience hadn’t been perfect and any reinsertion had some risk involved. It was love/hate for me since it DID prevent pregnancy, but it had those damned nylon threads that hung out of her uterus, which I could feel. The … Continue reading

Ben’s vasectomy story: A Planned Parenthood vasectomy

I wanted to share the details of my recent vasectomy for the stories section. Mine is similar to other stories, though I am unique in that I pursued a free vas through the local Planned Parenthood, and am a recovering Sex Addict, which added some unexpected turns to surgical recovery. 3 months pre-surgery My wife … Continue reading

A typical vasectomy experience

A few weeks ago I had a vasectomy. Strangely, I was less apprehensive about getting the surgery than I was about attending the consultation that preceded it a few weeks earlier. I did think occasionally about canceling, but it was more to do with the nervousness about being sliced open than the consequences of infertility. … Continue reading

Anonymous vasectomy story

I’m a 47 year old and moderately active. This is what worked for me. (and worked well, I might add). I got mine 48 hours ago. I got a keyhole version (one small central cut), vas were tied and cauterized. I got Novocaine (Lidocaine). That was the only minor pain during the operation. 20 minutes … Continue reading

Chad’s experience: Vasectomy with scrotal hematoma

I decided to have a vasectomy 2 years after my divorce with 3 children in the middle. I wanted one at 19 years old but the doctor said I was too young and I listened to him, glad I had some children before undergoing surgery. Had a Traditional Scalpel Vasectomy in early 2011 by a … Continue reading

Chris F’s experience: My vasectomy

Monday afternoon, at 1:15 pm I had my vasectomy. Today is Wednesday morning and I am now sitting on my couch with my laptop (in my lap) adding my story to those shared here. I would like to preface with this comment: Thank God for the information and stories shared on this website. The stories … Continue reading

Jason’s experience: My straightforward vasectomy

I wanted to add my story to help return the favor. I spent months perusing forums leading up to the big day… would I faint? Would it hurt? Will I be laying on a table for 2 hours writhing in agony? The day came Friday morning. Despite being extremely worried, I declined the Valium. I … Continue reading

Chris’ experience: Failed vasectomy

Typically I am a very positive person. I am not very positive about my vasectomy story. My wife was pregnant with our third child. I was at work at my firehouse and was having a conversation with my chief and telling him that my wife had decided to get a tubal ligation after delivery. She … Continue reading

Sirius’ experience: Vasectomy at a GP clinic

My partner and I decided together over the summer that we definitely didn’t want any more kids and due to some complications using the mini-pill we decided on a vasectomy. We saw our G.P. and were recommended for an appointment. We are in the U.K. and the N.H.S. does vasectomies for free in most cases. … Continue reading