Nick’s experience: Childfree vasectomy story

My name is Nick. I am 25 and child-free. I had an open-ended no-scalpel vasectomy, with the upper ends of my vasa deferentia sealed with vas-clips, on June 20th, 2008, when I was still 24 years old. That was about 3 months ago. At 3 months post-op, I can state that I feel I have … Continue reading

Chris’s experience: My vasectomy

The idea of vasectomy had been kicking around in my head for some time, about as long as could remember, probably as long as I had known about the procedure. Not wanting children and hearing horror stories of accidental pregnancies and not trusting my wife (or anyone else for that matter) with birth control, I … Continue reading

Tim’s experience: Childfree vasectomy 1-year post-op

I’m the kind of person that believes that the saying “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure” is just a pile of nonsense. Prevention is everything! And especially when it comes to procreating, when you’re a guy who just has no interest at all in it! Thus begins my odyssey. I’ve been … Continue reading

Paul’s experience: My vasectomy story

It may be too early to put in a story, but now seems the right time before the clarity is lost. I came out of a long relationship with an infertile woman, and I still have no desire to have children. At 39 I still look early 30’s and have some interest from some younger, … Continue reading

Joe’s experience: My vasectomy

My name is Joe. I wanted a vasectomy when I first found out that I could make kids whilst I was in special ED classes in school. My vasectomy was on march 17 2004. Because I was a slow learner I didn’t want kids like me or worse. I was 14 years old when I … Continue reading

Dennis’ experience: My vasectomy story

Hi from Ontario, Canada. I got home from the hospital about a half-hour ago, after a stop at the local drugstore for antibiotics and Tylenol #3’s. I’m experiencing some discomfort but nothing particularly extreme, I’d describe it as a low-grade ‘achiness’. Well, we’d discussed this idea of a vasectomy, my wife and I, and decided … Continue reading

Stacy’s experience: My perspective

Hello. This is from my perspective, but my husband has been sharing it all with me! Background I am 33, he is almost 32. We’ve been married for four years and are childfree. First marriage for both, no children from any previous relationships. We didn’t experience any of the horror stories we’d heard about urologists … Continue reading