Daniel’s experience: Childfree sportsman’s vasectomy

A bit of background, I’m 27, no kids, I never wanted any. Had a great childhood loving parents who are still married etc. I’d been kicking around the idea of vasectomy in my head for the past couple of years. I knew I’d wanted one but wasn’t sure when. My fiancé who I live with had been using the Depo Provera shot for over 4 years. She researched how some of the effects of being on birth control for several years can affect her body.

Since never wanting kids was a mutual subject both of us agreed this was a good route to go. A coworker of hers with the same insurance paid 450 dollars to get her tubes tied. Cost shouldn’t be a huge factor when considering health care but we know 450 dollars can be spent much better ways. Not to mention everything I’ve read says vasectomy is much safer etc.

I originally wanted an old school urologist but when I called him I found out he’d closed up shop and retired. He used general anesthesia, (milk of amnesia) versed, fentanyl. I guess he must have had a bad experience himself or was a really sympathetic guy. So I called the group he’d turned over charts to. I didn’t really care who did it since I knew this was a reputable group and some other guys I knew had been done there.

I called to set up an appointment for a consult. Prior to this, I’d done a ton of research on NSV, open-ended, scalpel, etc. Literally spent hours of company time researching this stuff and felt very informed. I even watched the video. The Urologist was a younger guy mid-thirties said he’d been in practice for 4 years post-residency (which is 6 years for a urologist). So I figured he’d probably done enough. I was very nervous he would say no because I wasn’t married and didn’t have kids. He was very cool about the whole thing. I told him I’d researched this a ton, knew this was minimally reversible and to be considered a permanent procedure. He agreed to do it. He did listen and didn’t dismiss any of my concerns. I’m glad I brought my fiancé in because we’d discussed maybe getting some valium prior to the procedure. I almost forgot this but was he was walking out she reminded me to ask him. He wrote me a prescription for 10 mg of the stuff.

I made the appointment to get it done less than a week later took my valium as I got off work in the morning (I’m a fireman). Sat around the station and joked with the oncoming crew (who over half had had the procedure themselves). Them and I could tell the Valium was doing its job as I was reading a magazine with a smile on my face. It helped lift the anxiety a ton and made me a cool cat about the whole thing.

Had my fiancé pick me up from work she drove me to the clinic. The appointment was for 0830, which was about the time they called me back. I’d shaved (couldn’t remember if he told me to or not after as much research as I’d done it all ran together.) The entire procedure is quick, real quick in fact. There is a little pain but it isn’t that bad and it doesn’t last long. I thought he still had to do the other side but he was done. I was putting pants back in at 0849 (I looked at my phone for the exact time so I could post it here).

I’ve been sitting around a lot the past several days. One thing I found kind of cheesy or weird before the procedure was the frozen pea thing. I just couldn’t bring myself to put veggies in my scrotum. Then I tried it. Potential vasectomy guys don’t dismiss this they are wonderful cold, cheap, and form to you. Plus they last quite a while. Truly didn’t need any narcotic pain meds. Ibuprofen 800 mg for the past several days has been a staple but also because it is anti-inflammatory and keeps swelling down. I had the vasectomy on a Monday and am returning to work Saturday. Used one day of sick leave for the procedure. Probably could have gone back but the more you research the more you find out that might not be a great idea. I looked at my stationary (computrainer) bike trainer on Friday. Even put my bike shorts on but only 4 days post-procedure I’d hate to mess anything up for a small workout.

There are two things out of my control that were unpleasant (not that surgery is pleasant). One is the buildup of having it done. There is a lot of nervous thinking because hey it is your body and your testicles. My fiancé had a great thing she said to me the night before, “What are you nervous about, you just have to lay there, you aren’t doing the vasectomy on yourself.”

The second thing is not being able to exercise much. I’m a Triathlete and marathon runner so exercise to me is like a lifestyle. I tried running on Wednesday very slow it lasted .3 miles then I swam for a while. There was some discomfort afterward but more pain up in my abdomen that was very dull and minor.

To sum this all up I’ll give a few bullet points:

  • Get a urologist to do this, I know some family practice guys do this however you can’t argue with specialization my urologist does over 10 per week. You get pretty good at it the more you do it. I know they are trained to do it and I’m sure some do a great job. That just isn’t enough for me.
  • Ask for Valium and get a driver. Why not go, first class. It’ll take the edge up and make a more stressful time more fun as your wife will poke fun at you and tell you how messed up you are. You might as well enjoy it.
  • Frozen peas though they might sound weird, gross, etc are a good thing……Really!
  • Rent or buy an entire season of a show like The Shield, Rescue Me, or Nip Tuck It’ll keep you off your feet a little longer. I find FX shows extremely addicting.
  • Under Armour like compression shorts are like a jock for the younger fellas. They are also a good thing. I’m a boxer short guy and couldn’t see why you would need something with support until I got this done. Believe me, you will need support.

Submitted by Daniel

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