Joe’s experience: My vasectomy

My name is Joe. I wanted a vasectomy when I first found out that I could make kids whilst I was in special ED classes in school. My vasectomy was on march 17 2004.

Because I was a slow learner I didn’t want kids like me or worse. I was 14 years old when I found out that I could make kids and found out how to I asked my family doctor about it when I was 15. He said you shouldn’t be thinking of that kind of birth control at that young age. He said wait until you get older. Then when I turned 20 I asked him again. He said almost the same thing. Every 5 years or so I would ask him the same thing. Finally, I talked to different doctors then I found one that would do it for me at the age of 30. He said you are old enough to make your own decision – let’s talk about it. He explained to me what it is and how it’s done. Then he said let’s make an appointment 1 month from now and see if you still want to do it. I said ok.

The procedure

Well, a month came and I went to the appointment. The nurse called me in and said strip from the waist down so she walked out of the room then I did. I covered myself with the blanket. A couple of minutes later he walked into the room and said are you ready, then I said go for it. He told me that we are going to numb you so you don’t feel a thing. I said ok. He came back in room 5-10 min after and said are you ready. I said yes.

I laid down with my head up a little so I can watch. I saw him grab the knife and cut a little cm. and grab the left vas out then cut a cm or more of the vas then cauterize the ends. He did the same thing to the other side. I got to see the pieces vas tubes sitting were the tools sat. Then he said you can get dressed now. As I was getting dressed he told me to continue with the birth control and I’ll see you in 2 months. Then we will do a sperm count to make sure you are sperm free.

After the procedure

I went home thinking it would start hurting on my 1 1/2 hour drive home. Was expecting it after the numbness would start going away but it didn’t. Nor did I get any swelling. When I finally got home I said where is the pain everyone said they get?

Then two months came by I went to my check-up gave them the sample. They took it to the lab and 5 minutes later said you can do what you want to do. And I said YES. Then I joked around and said I can have all of the fun I want to do without getting anyone pregnant then he said yes.

I asked him the day of my checkup how many vasectomies he does, and he said I just did one before I saw you. I do about one every day. Then I asked how many childfree vasectomies does he do, and he said one a month, and that mine was his third childfree vasectomy this year. So I said thanks.

Submitted by Joe

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