Barry’s experience: Childfree vasectomy

I have been lurking in here for the last two weeks and yesterday was the big day for me. I’m 31 years old with no kids but two abortions (to my horror and relief) behind me. I would have supported the two kids as part of my ‘responsibility’ but was quite relieved when my partner … Continue reading

Clark’s experience: One month after my vasectomy

During the spring of 2003, my wife of then 14 years began to bring up the subject of a vasectomy. At age 37 she was beginning to worry about the possible complications that could result from a birth-control “accident.” Although she was primarily thinking about medical complications, at age 44 I was concerned a bit … Continue reading

Andy’s experience: Ice ready in the freezer

Age 39, married for 20 years (at time of the vasectomy), no children. My SO had decided long ago (before we married – and yes, despite our age at that time we had discussed this beforehand) that she didn’t want any children. I didn’t have any particular leanings one way or the other and was … Continue reading

Childfree reader’s story: The consultation changed my mind

I had the most unexpected experience today. Today I had my consultation, and the doctor convinced me not to have the vasectomy. The doctor (name on request) is a urologist at Stanford Hospital, who “has extensive experience in performing complex vasectomy reconstructions, sperm retrieval techniques and microsurgical varicocelectomies” according to a webpage describing him. He … Continue reading

Dairenn’s experience: Vasectomy with Dr. Arthur Schapiro

Greetings everyone! A few individuals reading the forums might recall messages posted by me a few months ago, inquiring about urologists that conduct inexpensive, no-scalpel vasectomies in Los Angeles. I was even more interested in the no-needle anesthetic (a hypospray “jet” injection where the xylocaine is administered through the skin). In one of my posts, … Continue reading

Tom’s experience: Childfree vasectomy

Having been married for 13 years and childless and getting ready to turn 40 my wife and I made the decision that one of us had to do something to take the anxiety out of maybe getting pregnant. I brought having a vasectomy because it was easier for me to go through sterilization than to … Continue reading

Lee’s experience: 23 years later…

I had a vasectomy 23 years ago and it’s the best thing we have ever done! After reviewing a few of the stories here, we thought I should provide comments on my experience to calm the fears of any who might be contemplating this procedure. We decided to have a vasectomy before we got married. That … Continue reading