VasClip vasectomy with complications

This is my first post on this website. I have recently visited this site and found the vasectomy page both informative and useful. I had a VasClip vasectomy performed about 4 months ago. With this, I had the no-scalpel technique done, to expose the vas tubes. In my mind, the no-scalpel technique, combined with the … Continue reading

Scott’s experience: PVP story

Intro Before telling my story, I want to thank Dave and many of the people listed on this website for their support. During my bout with Post-Vasectomy Pain (PVP) Syndrome, I’ve corresponded with several people here, including Adam Yahre, Lorenzo Panarella, Greg Fournier, Steve Joiner, and others. Their encouragement, advice, and support have helped me … Continue reading

Nick’s experience: Vasectomy story from the UK

Week before I’m very nervous about the procedure, although determined to go ahead. We have three children who are all great, but definitely do not want any more. The most recent were twin boys, and the idea of having another set of twins makes me even more nervous than I am about the procedure! I’m … Continue reading

HP’s experience: Open or closed-ended?

Thanks to those in the newsgroup that responded to my previous post regarding open or closed-ended. I’m happy to report that I got my open-ended procedure done today. Here’s my story. As mentioned earlier, I have 4 lovely kids. Saw my wife went through a 2 C-section and told myself to never again let her … Continue reading

Darrel’s vasectomy experience

The following is my vasectomy story. Please note that it is long and detailed. There is a quick timeline near the bottom for a short version, but it doesn’t go into detail as to how much pain I’ve been in. I hope people read this before having one of their own. I had a vasectomy … Continue reading

Adam’s experience: Adam’s PVP Diary

I’m 37 and have been suffering from low-grade chronic testicle pain since I was a teenager. At 21 I was diagnosed with a cyst (left testicle) and was told that surgery may or may not solve the problem long term. The operation was done under a general and recovery went fine, in fact, I was … Continue reading

Keith’s experience: My story

I appreciate the resources that you and other sites like yours provide! I wish that I had known of these websites a few years ago. I may not have had a vasectomy if I had read the stories in your forum first. I had a vasectomy between 2 and 2,5 years ago. About ten days … Continue reading

Joe’s experience: Do your homework!

I had a vasectomy 3 months ago and have had a difficult time dealing with what I went through and continue to experience. I decided to post my story in hopes that someone currently considering a vasectomy might benefit from my experience. Do your Homework! Sadly, I was very uninformed when I went in for … Continue reading

Duncan’s story: The unripe Kiwi fruit

5th June After the eve of operation ‘Are you/we sure about this?’ discussion with the wife I arrive at the hospital. Two vasectomies scheduled for that day but I’m the only one who shows up. I’m starting to get more nervous about the op. My mood deteriorates further after contact with a particularly patronizing nurse … Continue reading

Paul’s story: How the procedure went…

Good afternoon gentlemen, I had my procedure at 9:00 am today (1/23/03); since I have received so much help and advice from this site, I thought I’d give back a little by sharing my own experience in the hopes it may benefit someone down the line. My whole decision to have a vasectomy came about … Continue reading