Rich’s experience: My failed vasectomy

You can tell someone to bump that 0% on early recanalization of a vasectomy that included cautery just a tiny bit. My doctor, who is by far the most heavily recommended in the area for a vasectomy, took out about 1.5 inches of vas from each side, folded, and cauterized the ends. He warns verbally and in writing that you need to be tested after 90 days or 30 ejaculations. He also reminds you over and over that you need to continue your normal method of birth control until the “all clear.” Having had a fair amount of surgery, and being a person who watches surgical shows, I did look on the tray and see the pieces he took out. I did have a granuloma early on that grew to the size of one teste before shrinking and seemingly going away within two weeks. Evidently, that was enough to do the trick.

I did get tested after 90 days and failed, retested after another two weeks, and failed, then went to the reproductive medicine center and did the full test. That test not only showed the presence of sperm but that there were about 10 million active. The next step is a trip to the hospital where they will take out a six-inch piece of the vas, under anesthesia, to eliminate the chance of reconnection.

The lesson in this story is for everyone to do the right thing and get tested twice with two negative results before stopping the use of contraceptives. I know it’s awkward to walk into the lab holding your little cup. It’s even more uncomfortable to go to the clinic and produce a sample on-site. But you’re doing this because you presumably have exactly the family you want and are potentially assuring your family’s financial stability by getting a vasectomy. Think about the guys who are at that clinic because they can’t have kids and will do anything to get what you have.

There are two factors that might be worth noting:

  1. I was very cold that day, and even colder lying there exposed on the table. The doctor commented on how difficult it was to tug out the proper amount of vas. Had I been warm, things would not have been so constricted, and he might easily have taken a bigger section.
  2. I heal VERY quickly. I had spinal surgery three months ago, started walking 1.5 hours per day from the day after surgery on, and am currently back biking, kayaking and doing karate with my doctor’s blessing. I heal quickly and thoroughly enough to cause excess scarring from surgical incisions. I would be very interested to see if anyone has done a study comparing healing capacity to recanalization after a vasectomy.

Thank you for your time.
Submitted by Rich

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