Stuart’s experience: My vasectomy story

I had a vasectomy about 11 years ago after the birth of our fourth child. I saw this as my duty since my wife had delivered our children and took responsibility for contraception up until that time.

The procedure was performed under a local anesthetic by a GP at a local medical center. That evening I did experience considerable pain in the scrotum but this was effectively managed by Paracetamol and the placement of a pillow between my legs. I only suffered minor swelling and was able to return to work to perform light duties after a few days. Overall I considered the procedure to be very successful but admit that I did regret the fact that I could never father another child. I shed a tear on my drive back home from the procedure but always thought this was the right thing to do.

Immediately following the vasectomy I noticed a reduced amount of pleasure with my orgasms and after about 3 months I returned to my GP to seek his advice. I advised him of my reduced pleasure whilst ejaculating, the apparent reduction in semen volume, and the sudden presence of jelly like clear lumps in my semen. He inspected my genitals and concluded that there was nothing physically wrong with me. I then saw a urologist and he too thought that my issues were psychological and not physical. I was, and still am aware, that sperm makes up only a very small proportion of semen volume so logically there shouldn’t be any change to ejaculatory volumes nor pleasure!

Since this time my orgasms continue to feel “ordinary” and as Keith’s post describes it is like you feel empty as if you had recently ejaculated. My semen is still partially lumpy and I continue to have a mild ache just beside my pubic bone and an occasional ache in my right testicle. This I always thought was due to the stretching of the Vas Deferens as a result of the vasectomy procedure. Another post-vasectomy oddity is that I dribble a few drops of urine following urination, again an issue never previously experienced. Fortunately, my libido remains as it was pre-vasectomy.

Some time ago I decided to research my issues on the net and was initially unable to find anyone with similar experiences to myself. That was until I discovered this great site! I am eager to hear from others suffering these symptoms and if they too considered a reversal.

I have now decided to take the approach of returning things back to normal in an attempt to hopefully rectify these issues – regardless of whether they are physical or mental. I have booked in for a vasectomy reversal next month and shall keep you posted on its effect.

Submitted by Stuart

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