Cass’s story: English guy’s experience

This is my experience of the ‘snip’, which I had about 20 hours ago. Firstly, the staff at the Hospital, St Helens near Liverpool UK, were superb. Their care and professionalism made the whole deal a lot easier than I thought possible.

So, the details for those of you still waiting or plucking up courage. The operation was under a general anesthetic and lasts for around 20 minutes as near as I could tell after being out cold of course. There are 3 stages to deal with.

  1. Shaving. Yes, you have to shave the area. This was not clearly explained and the exact area to shave is not really covered in anything I could find. So I shaved the scrotum and a bit of the top of my legs on either side of the crotch. It wasn’t easy. First using the wife’s lady shave, which cut the long hair but left a stubble. Then I used a normal wet razor, this is where it gets tricky. The target moves! When your thinking about what your shaving there is a natural defensive action for your balls to get out of the way. So after 10 minutes, I had a pretty well-shaved sac. The feeling is of coldness and a bit of tenderness, but it’s not unpleasant. The operation the next day showed that I had not shaved enough of the correct area and too much of the wrong one! The incisions are made in the scrotum and the underside of the crotch is not touched. So shave the SCROTUM and be careful.
  2. The Big Day. The day began with a taxi ride to the hospital, you cant drive home. There are several checks that you are the right man, you still want the op, you understand the risk of reversal, etc. Then it’s strip and the wait, in the gown, for the Man to arrive. The general anesthetic was easy. A quick sting in your hand then some electrodes and sensors are put on your chest, then the nurse is calling your name and waking you up. It’s over and done with. I was amazed by how little it hurt. Then it’s back to bed for an hour before you can eat, which is a long time when you haven’t eaten since last night. This is the chance to check the damage. Two small red cuts with sutures are all I can see and a lot of Iodine which makes things look yuck. The pain is almost nonexistent, then the nurse tells you you have also had a local down there, and there will be some pain later. Damn.

Now it’s time to dress, and you get to wear support. This doesn’t look too comfortable, but wait until you try not wearing it for a minute, you will soon see the benefit.

  1. The next day. This is now 11:10 on the day after, I had the op at 3:15 yesterday. A night in front of the TV being waited on works wonders. I am not in any pain, but I know that I have had the op, i.e. being careful avoids a lot of hassle. The sutures are harder than I thought they would be and if they get caught they can sting a lot. Overall I am not in any discomfort, but that’s after being in bed until now, and not doing anything at all. The doc reckons 6 weeks without any heavy lifting and 3 days off work. The boredom factor may cut in first though. The support has to be worn for at least 7 days, preferably 15 I’m told. It’s awkward trying to piss when your balls are pulled up high, but that’s the only downside.

Those who have partners, they must understand that you are to be treated like Royalty. Don’t let them get away without a good deal of pampering etc, after all, they only had the babies…

So I can recommend the whole thing. The pain and other things can be avoided if you don’t try to do too much. However I’m still on the first day afterward, things may change. I will let you know.

Submitted by Cass

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