A reader’s story: Post-vasectomy sex

My experience of vasectomy resembles that of others. Certainly, my wife and I carefully considered the decision, viewing it as a permanent choice – in our case, not to have children at all. And I did a lot of web-searching and reading on my own before deciding that what I was hearing from my doctor – in a Health Maintainanance Organisation (HMO in the US) was consistent with everything else I was hearing (including from friends and relatives).

After that, the hardest part was the hair growing back! (By the way, I recommend doing the shaving yourself the night before, rather than leaving it to them the day of the “procedure”: my wife and I had a lot more fun with it than I would have had with a nurse at the clinic – still less with an orderly!).

The vasectomy itself took only about forty minutes. They gave me a valium to take an hour before, which was a good idea. I lay on a metal table, legs together, doctor and nurse peering down at my cowering parts. There was some pain when the doctor injected the local on each side. Then nothing but “numbnuts” – except for the distinct sensation of serious tugging. The highpoint came when halfway through the doctor dropped one of his tools. I didn’t sit up to see what it looked like exactly. The nurse had to scurry out to get another.

There was spectacular swelling – balls like large plums, if not grapefruits – and color change. And I was sore for about a week – kicked in the balls sore. At the doctor’s insistence, wore a jockstrap from the moment I got off the table; it also helped at work for the rest of the time. I do recommend taking seriously what people say about taking it easy. I got done on a Friday morning and took the rest of the day off, ice in the lap. Also did little over the weekend. I have heard there can be serious complications – and longer recovery – if you jump around too much immediately after.

A word about sex. My doctor told me I could have sex as soon as I felt like it, as long as we avoided any real rough play involving the scrotum, and I took him at his word. We did stuff that very night, despite the swelling. A long, gentle handjob – we were afraid for the stitches – that produced one of my best orgasms ever: an especially powerful, copious ejaculation that seemed to come from “someplace else.” It might be the effect was caused by the long build-up during the handjob. But I suspect the swelling itself contributed, creating extra pressure in the tubes that were still connected. (Simple hydraulics!) I’d be interested to hear from anyone else who had a similar experience.

Also take seriously what they say about not being cleared for unprotected sex until given the green light by the doctor – mine insisted on two “clean” samples, and wouldn’t look at the first till a month after the vasectomy. That much time, and at least 15 ejaculations. My wife and I joked about the burden of “my treatments.” Anyway, you aren’t sterile until the doctor says so. A friend’s brother got over-eager, and his wife is now expecting their fourth kid!

Having to provide “samples” was a little strange. Doctors seem to like the samples “fresh” (no more than an hour old), but with planning, I was able to “give at home,” bringing my goo into the clinic in a special plastic jar they provided – it had a nice tight seal! Still, shooting on command (and in my case right before leaving for work), created a certain level of performance anxiety. My first time I did just great. The second went less well. Just at the wrong moment, the plastic cup leaped from my hand, bouncing across the bedroom floor as I desperately tried to freeze the action. Happily, my wife was there to save the day, retrieving the cup in the nick of time. Team-work wins again. (One complaint: I didn’t think to ask if I could use lubricant, and so I did it dry, not my usual practice. Might have been easier – and more fun! –other ways. And I suspect there are some!)

Anyway, this was all six months ago. Erections, ejaculations, feeling, desire, have all remained the same. If anything, I am hornier than before. And my wife really likes being off the pill.

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  1. My vasectomy was exceptionally pain-free. No-needle, no-scalpel, open-ended. Watched the whole thing, walked out feeling the same as walking in, no bruising, swelling, bleeding, ice, or swimming pool for a week. Tried it out the first night, felt like nothing had happened! The quarter-inch red line where the hole had been washed off in the shower the next day. Couldn’t find the scar in a week. Three months later the specimen was STERILE! I would recommend reading the reviews and pick a doctor that doesn’t recommend ice, and has glowing reviews!


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