Paul’s story: conventional surgery experience

Once my wife and I had decided that I was the one to be DONE! We went to see the surgeon at York Hospital.

This is when the embarrassment began, he wanted to see if I was suitable for the procedure (at this point I must remind readers that my wife is in the room with me after the usual discussion about permanency and all the other garbage!) The surgeon said “Let’s have a look” so I got out the Meat & 2 Veg for him to see and that is when I saw the grin on my wife’s face. “Fine,” he said “Good,” she said! and we booked a date.

On the day I turned up for the job and was put in a day room with a number of other guys all with surgical gowns and our arses hanging out the back. Not a pretty sight I might add!

When my turn came I was wheeled into the theatre and my underwear was removed (I had a shave the night before). The theatre sister said as she put the sterile cloth over me “LOOK GIRLS! Just like a man’s only smaller! So here I was with my tackle framed in green cloth for all to see when the surgeon appeared with a grin like a Chesire Cat! Undemanded erections are completely impossible at this stage!

Once the local injection had taken effect all I felt was a pulling sensation and I was told to ask for more anesthetic if I felt uncomfortable. I was cut on one side only (Right) and that was a breeze except when the left tube was cut and tied when the feeling was like having your eyeballs dragged down through your guts. The instrument used looked like a crochet needle and hooked the left Vas Deferens to allow the surgeon to do the business. After he had cut and tied the tube he showed me the bit he had cut out, it was an inch long and looked like a pink worm. At this stage, I really didn’t care… if you get my drift!

All in all, I would do it again I really didn’t feel much pain. The dentist is worse. I was back at work in two days to a physical job. No infection. The stitches melted away. Giving the sperm samples was my only good excuse for buying a girly mag and breaking the speed limit from Tadcaster to York.

Submitted by Paul

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