Greg’s experience: How this website helped one guy

Hello, my name is Greg and I’d like to share my story with you. First of all, thank you very much for the great website, it sure helped me have a better understanding of the procedure, a better idea of what to expect, what questions to ask, what supplies I would need, etc.

My story

When I was first thinking about a vasectomy, I was in the dark, had no idea what it was about, what it involved, and other things, but then I found this website and studied the material intensely. So, I decided to make an appointment, for the consultation, which I did. I went in with a list of questions to ask, just in case. So we met, (me and the doctor), he explained a little to me, then had the examination, all was normal. Next, the doctor explained to me the procedure he was going to perform, what to expect, etc., then it was my turn for questions. SO I got out all the pages and started skimming through, and I couldn’t find many questions to ask, because the doctor had already answered most of them. So he set the big date – Friday, February 11, 2000, 2:30 pm.

I was nervous, so I awaited the big day constantly reviewing the website. Finally, the big day arrived, my wife and I went to the office, I was nervous. I signed the papers, and then got called back, (here we go). The nurse advised me to get naked, from the waist down and cover with this giant sheet of surgical paper and said that the doctor would be in a few minutes. Then she left the room. I did as advised, and within 2 minutes the doctor arrived.

He went right to shaving me, as he said he preferred to do it. I did ask during the consult visit. Then I felt a small prick feeling on the right side nut area, then the nurse entered. I was a bit uncomfortable, with a female in the room but she wasn’t there for “free” looks, or to compare my equipment to other men I realized – this was just her job. She kept me talking, which surely helped me out. Before I knew it, I felt a small prick on my left nut area. I asked the doctor when the cutting would begin. To which he said my right side was already done! I was shocked – I couldn’t tell a thing. So before I knew it (about 15 minutes total time from start to finish) the doctor said “all done”. I couldn’t believe it! Done already.

Now, I was thinking for sure I couldn’t get off the table by myself, let alone get dressed by myself. But to my surprise, I arose as nothing had happened. I got dressed, looked down at the table. Sure did make a mess, blood everywhere, and I will point out that I laid flat on the table, legs flat and the process did take place in his office. So when I walked out, got my prescriptions, my wife, helped me get in the car, a small car (I’m 6′ 4″), and getting in a small car wasn’t fun. Then she drove me home, which was right around the block. I forgot to mention, I did put on a jock afterward and I’ve never worn one before, so it was awkward.

Once I got in the house, I laid down and started the ice, while my wife, went out to get my prescriptions. It’s now been 48 hours post vasectomy, and so far I’ve had no pain. No swelling, no bruising, so overall, it was a good experience.

My secret, I couldn’t stand the nasty birth control stuff, the wife was using. It came in the shape of a little bird egg, she inserts it, waits 15 minutes, then sex time, but it was only good for 1 hour. It stunk, was sloppy, oozed out during sex, getting all over everything, it was slimy, gross, and most of all I didn’t trust the stuff. Even though we’d used it for years, she couldn’t take the pill, and I refused to wear a raincoat, so there you go. I just cut off the sex scene, for that reason, and that lasted for months. So now, awaiting the big “all-clear”, and then, my house will be rocking!

Again, many thanks to this wonderful website, and may all have a good “vasectomy”. Thank you all.

Submitted by Greg (Circleville, Ohio)

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