Steve’s story: Irish guy’s uplifting experience

Good morning to all, I had my vasectomy, Friday 10:30 AM. Now it is Sunday 12:20 PM.

Firstly I want to thank all who posted here. My wife and I read all the stories, some were harrowing others were ensuring. Let me say here and now that my story is one of the latter. My wife had 2 babies, one boy with a C-section and a girl with regular delivery. Neither was easy and lots of pain followed.

I was of the opinion that nobody would touch me and my wife would go through the operation until one night on the deck my friend’s wife commented that after all the pain my wife went through the least I could do was to get a little snip. And suddenly a little light went off – she was right!

So long story short, I met with a Urologist, (he was referred to us by my wife’s OB-GYN clinic) so we felt comfortable off the top. The Doctor was very re-assuring, he himself had had a vasectomy 7 years ago and the appointment took only 10 minutes. Close to the end of the meeting, he asked me to drop through and showed me where he would be doing the snipping, strange to have a guy touch me but after all, he was the doctor. Only took 15 seconds and my wife was laughing her butt off! So he said I was a good candidate and told me to call and make an appointment with his scheduler.

The vasectomy

3 weeks later I met him again under the knife! The night before though I had to shave, I used regular shaving cream and a new razor – although when I lay down on the table he said he had to shave me a little more.

I must say though the wife was very supportive and grateful for what I had agreed to do – you could say we have become even closer – another form of commitment in this day and age.

So in I went to the hospital, not being a nervous type I was curious to read others had taken valium, I did not need any form of medication or relaxant. So I would question this, but if you are a nervous type it is probably not a bad idea. The pain was no more than getting a filling at the dentist’s office – and I fear that office more than any other.

So, I am lying there and two people were above me, the nurse, “Sandy” was great, she had had her hubby snipped back in February and unlike the recommendation of coming back and getting checked 4-6 weeks later to ensure the sperm count was “0” – he had not done this – she did not think this was wise. So Sandy and the doctor were the only people present.

Being Irish I tend to Gab a lot, so from beginning to end we talked about things ranging from, “Blair Witch Project” to monitoring kids on the Internet. For the half-hour operation, there may have been 15 seconds of silence. (BTW – IMHO the Blair Witch Project will put you off camping! I recommend waiting for the video though)

So I am lying there and I see the Dr. preparing his utensils, I read somewhere that some operations were done in the Dr.s office and there was little sign of sterilized equipment-stay away from people like this. If your wife’s OB-GYN recommends somebody they are generally good people and should be pursued.

I did not shave 100% effectively the night before so the Doctor nonchalantly grabbed a razor and finished the job. I was covered with purple fluid around the crotch area, and he injected the pain killer into the scrotum, this is where the pain occurred. It was no more than knocking your ‘nads together – not as bad as somebody kicking you rather than when you were younger and your buddies would flick your nuts, knocking them together – because it was the thing to do!

But that was it – the right side was sore, the left side I did not notice. We were listening to Howard on the radio! Each tube slicing took 10 minutes and there was a smell of cauterization and then the “tugging” – the sowing of the tubes together was painless.

So 10:30 I lay down, 11:00 I got up signed some forms, and out I walked! Got the wife and she drove me home – she expected me to be bent over or showing some sign of pain – the medication though started to wear off in the car. The Doctor recommended Advil and Tylenol, alternating every 3 hours and again the peas-they all helped. And the anti-biotics 2ce a day.

The recovery

I took everybody’s advice and I am taking it easy – I shipped the kids off for a couple of days to the grandparents and I am watching college football – getting everything done for me. The most embarrassing point was going to the sports store and asking for a jock-strap (growing up in Ireland we just don’t use them!) Even getting undressed in the operating room was less embarrassing. Even lying down with my manhood being exposed for a half-hour meant nothing.

I am a little nervous though about my first of 15 scheduled ejaculations to ensure that the sperm count is “0” But my wife has promised to assist me there.

In final, if you have seen your wife give birth – your pain is nothing. The female equivalent is much more painful! Although there are some bad, scary stories here. I am fortunate to have a great doctor and nurse and a supporting wife. Get a good doctor-do it in a hospital and take it easy!

Go for it guys! Your wife will be VERY grateful!

Submitted by Steve

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