Dan L’s experience: American’s straightforward vasectomy

This page helped me make my decision to have a vasectomy, so I’m offering my own first-hand account of the procedure to hopefully help some other poor worried soul.


I’m 34 and have 3 healthy, happy kids. My wife and I were in agreement over 3 being the magic number of children, and vasectomy stood out as the best permanent method of contraception available. Also, I felt like I should step up to the plate on this issue, as she did have 3 children for us.

The Vasectomy

The procedure was amazingly quick. 20 minutes total – from the time I left the waiting area fully clothed – until I returned fully clothed. I’m guessing the time spent lying on the table was less than 10 minutes. I shaved the morning of the procedure, as they asked me to, which helped get me in and out quicker.

The nurse called me back and showed me to a dressing room and gave me a surgical gown to put on. As soon as the gown was on, she led me to an operation room, where I laid on a padded table and they took my blood pressure (it was high) and gave me a sedative in my left arm. The sedative instantly calmed me down and I was very thankful for it. The doctor came in, said hello, and gave me a local in my scrotum. This was the only painful part of the procedure, and it was pretty mild pain. If you’ve ever played ANY sport, I guarantee you’ve felt much worse, many times. I’m not sure what the doctor did next since I couldn’t see, but it was damn quick. I only got two stitches / one incision. The doctor told me that’s what he would try to do, but sometimes it was necessary to make 2 incisions.

After the procedure

Immediately after the surgery pain may have been significant, had it not been for the prescribed pain pills. The pain feels similar to the ache you get after being hit in the nads.

Day 2

Sat in easy chair all day and watched college football. No pain pills required.

Day 3

Sat in a chair all day and watched NFL. Later I drove to a park while the kids played on the playground. I sat on a bench. Slight pain when walking.

Day 4

I’m at work as I’m writing this. Still slight pain when I walk, but not bad.


The worst part of the experience was the dread/apprehension the day(s) before the op. Next, worst is the damned itching from the shaved sack – no one mentioned this to me, but it’s bad! The third would be the pain.

Best part was, my wife gave me the hero treatment over the weekend. So far, no regrets.

Hope this helps someone.

Submitted by Dan

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