Ross’ Vasectomy Story – A Normal Experience

Well, I’ve had it done! I had it done on Thursday, and feel fine – today is Sunday. It’s very slightly sore if I move too fast, but otherwise no problems. I’m going back to work tomorrow.

I’m really grateful to the group – I read all the posts avidly. It was one hell of an eye-opener, and can only advise others contemplating vasectomy to do the same. I went into it knowing that both of my eyes were wide open, knowing the pro’s and con’s and having had that huge wealth of personal experience to draw on.

I’m going to bore you with my experience, and how the group helped me. I had it done at my local hospital as an out-patient, along with 8 other men booked on the same day. They do it on a “Conveyor belt” system. Neither of the two other men with PC’s had seen our group. They hadn’t even thought to look, I have a feeling they will now be reading the posts and wishing they had.

First off, the shaving bit. My doctor did tell me about the need to shave, but I prompted him first. He was going to tell me – I just got the question in before the guy had a chance. Some of the other men on the day hadn’t been advised of the need and had to go off to a side room to do it. It seems in some cases the hospital relies on the patient’s doctor to point this out, whilst the doctor relies on the hospital!

I took the group’s advice and shaved the night before. Slight confession here – the wife helped me and got a bit carried away. I did the testicles, and I let her have fun with the rest. So far it hasn’t started to itch – I’m not looking forward to that. Anyone got any tips?

I had no problems during the operation – it took about half an hour I guess, I wasn’t looking at the clock. My wife wasn’t present. I didn’t want her to be there, she didn’t want to be there either, so we didn’t ask if it was possible. Neither did I have a mirror, camcorder stills camera, or suchlike. I sent her off shopping and rang her on the mobile phone once I was ready to be picked up.

Firstly, they asked me to undress, cover myself with one of the sterile sheets, and lie on the couch. The surgeon and his assistant left me alone for this, and let me relax a few minutes before they returned. I didn’t get Valium as some of you guys did – in the UK it’s not a usual practice I think.

Like other posters, I was shit scared of getting an erection, but it didn’t happen. Speaking to the surgeon, I told him about the group, and about the fear we have of “Stiffies”. He said it does happen, but it’s a very very rare occurrence. If it does happen it’s usually before the anesthetic is administered, and they just wait for it to go away again.

He did one side at a time. I got a local jab in the right side first. This was no worse than a normal injection – vaccination, etc. I didn’t feel the incision, but I did feel a trickle of warm blood. He did warn me this was what would happen, so that was OK. Like other posters report, the surgeon was experienced in putting men at their ease, with the use of banter and humor.

After the incision, I felt a little tugging sensation and a couple of minutes later he announced that he’d got the cord – was I sure I wanted to go ahead, last chance to say “No”. I said go ahead, heard a snip and that was it – sterile on one side! He showed me the bit he had cut out, it was about 3-5mm long at a guess. I asked if I could keep it – he said it went to the pathology lab for testing just to make sure it was a vas deferens tube, so the answer was no. He stitched me up with a normal suture, not heat sealing. I didn’t want this after the descriptions of “Burning flesh” other posters have reported. In any case, it wasn’t an option – stitches were the norm, and I was fine with that.

Once he had stitched the cord, he stitched the incision – I felt this, it wasn’t painful – just unpleasant. He gave me more anesthetic on the other side after this.

The process was repeated on the other side. The nurse cleaned the dried blood from my private parts and helped me on with my jock-strap. The dressing used was gauze wadding – I believe this is more common than sticking plaster as a dressing for vasectomy in the UK. The tip I got from the group to use a jock-strap was invaluable. In the consultations, I had been advised to wear “Supportive underwear”. I went and bought some jock-straps especially and am so glad I did, they help so much! I have also been wearing them at night, but I’m going to leave it off tonight.

Here’s a tip – don’t bother going to a department store to buy them. You will probably not find them there, and if you ask an assistant they will probably give you a blank look! Go to a proper sports shop – they will have them, and the one I went into had had the request before, so was more than understanding and helpful. I got a four-pack for £9.99 – good value I thought.

Thursday afternoon I took some Paracetamol and went to bed to watch TV. Isn’t afternoon TV dire? I got up when the kids came home from school, hoping to get a bit of sympathy and fetching and carrying of dinner, cups of tea, etc. They asked how it went, and how I felt which is more than I expected. It’s a bit difficult for them to understand really, the eldest is 10. Still, we tried to explain things to them as best we could.

I spent Thursday evening in bed again. I only had Paracetamol. I didn’t get the swelling some posters did, just a little swelling and slight bruising so I didn’t use ice – we had some on standby just in case – frozen peas we had in mind.

Friday I felt fine but decided to take things carefully. I decided to take Paracetamol, despite not feeling it was necessary. This was the advice I was given by the doctor, and I think it was good advice. I spent the day sat up watching daytime TV – that’s even worse than I remembered! I got bored with this quickly, so started working on this account. I sat at the PC with my legs open just to give it room!

Saturday much the same. I did feel better but decided to take it easy. I stayed at home, and just pottered about doing a couple of things, and watching TV – am I the only man in the world that hates televised sport? Sport on all channels!

Today we went visiting, and I drove without any problems. I don’t regret having it done, but I’m glad it’s over with! I’m looking forward to trying it out to see if it still all works properly. I’ve had lots of erections, but haven’t felt brave enough to do anything with them – hopefully soon!

I have to say I’m looking forward to a beer now – the doctor advised me to lay off it for at least 24 hours. I decided to leave off it a bit longer after one of the posters said something about his brother-in-law having problems after drinking too soon afterward.

Thanks to the group for all the help, support, information and advice.

My tips are:

  1. Do the shaving the night before – try not to let your wife/partner join in, you never know what a woman armed with a razor will do!
  2. It’s a good idea to have sex or masturbate the night before – you probably won’t feel like it for a while afterward.
  3. Tight jock-strap and loose trousers. Buy the jock-straps from a sports shop, not a department store.
  4. Take it easy afterward as much as possible, and take your doctor’s advice on pain killers – take them even if you don’t feel it necessary.
  5. Have ice on standby just in case, several 1lb packs of frozen peas to use in rotation is a good idea.
  6. If you don’t understand anything, ASK! Likewise, if you don’t agree with something ARGUE!
  7. Not all of the options will be pointed out to you by the doctor or hospital. Having read this group you will be very aware of what is available, be prepared to make your requests, and argue if necessary to get what you want.

Submitted by Ross

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