Dennis’ story: My vasectomy experience

I got my vasectomy on Feb. 29, 2008. I have been married for 19 years and have two children. I am 38 years old with a boy 7 years old and a girl who is 2 years old. I didn’t think I would ever have the need for a vasectomy. We tried for 6 years … Continue reading

Andy’s experience: Marie Stopes Vasectomy

Background My wife and I both had children early, so at 40 we have my wife’s son who’s 20, and mine, 18. We’ve been together 15 years, married for 10, and have a daughter of 8 between us. We love our kids to bits but definitely feel we’ve done our bit for repopulating the species … Continue reading

Ray’s experience: Vasectomy with a varicocele

I did a bit of research on vasectomy. It seemed fairly straightforward and simple surgery. I have a grade III (large) varicocele on the left side of the scrotum and anticipated more of a problem because of it. The doctor said it was OK to go ahead with vasectomy and that the varicocele would not … Continue reading

Grufty’s experience: Short vasectomy story

I’m going to keep this very short. I’ve found this site extremely helpful before and after my vasectomy. The worst thing for me was the couple of months of wait I had before the big day. The whole worry and dread of the unknown. To cut it short (excuse the pun), once the valium was … Continue reading

Stuart’s experience: My vasectomy story

I had a vasectomy about 11 years ago after the birth of our fourth child. I saw this as my duty since my wife had delivered our children and took responsibility for contraception up until that time. The procedure was performed under a local anesthetic by a GP at a local medical center. That evening … Continue reading

Paul’s experience: My vasectomy story

It may be too early to put in a story, but now seems the right time before the clarity is lost. I came out of a long relationship with an infertile woman, and I still have no desire to have children. At 39 I still look early 30’s and have some interest from some younger, … Continue reading

Greg’s experience: Reversal and epididymectomy to overcome PVP

Here is my consolidated and updated vasectomy story. I apologize that the story is somewhat longer than the usual submission to your site. This is because the story deals not only with vasectomy but also with post-vasectomy procedures including reversal, epididymectomy, and orchidopexy. I hope my story will be of some assistance to your readers. … Continue reading

Robert’s experience: Vasectomy problems

In hindsight, my story begins back in 1974 with my wife, June, and I decided to start a family. We consulted our G.P. and on questioning June and me she told us that because June had been on the Pill for eight years without a break it would take time for her to fall pregnant. … Continue reading

Eric’s experience: My vasectomy story

In 2003, I saw my regular physician for something, I can’t remember. During the visit, I asked him about referring me to a vasectomy. He told me that I should think it over with my wife, and consider it absolutely permanent. I believe it was great advice. So, we did consider it for quite some … Continue reading

Rob’s experience: Post-vasectomy wrap up. No problems.

After finding personal stories here and elsewhere most helpful, now that I’ve just had a vasectomy (5 days ago) I just wanted to report how it went. For me, everything has gone smoothly, with only a bit of discomfort, and everything is working well. Last Thursday morning I had the procedure, and I checked in … Continue reading