VasClip vasectomy with complications

This is my first post on this website. I have recently visited this site and found the vasectomy page both informative and useful. I had a VasClip vasectomy performed about 4 months ago. With this, I had the no-scalpel technique done, to expose the vas tubes. In my mind, the no-scalpel technique, combined with the … Continue reading

Scott’s experience: PVP story

Intro Before telling my story, I want to thank Dave and many of the people listed on this website for their support. During my bout with Post-Vasectomy Pain (PVP) Syndrome, I’ve corresponded with several people here, including Adam Yahre, Lorenzo Panarella, Greg Fournier, Steve Joiner, and others. Their encouragement, advice, and support have helped me … Continue reading

Christopher’s experience: My vasectomy is tomorrow

I would like to publish my entire experience for others – I found the stories most helpful over the last few days, attempting to get mentally prepared. Thursday, March 9th: The Night Before I am having surgery tomorrow, and I have to be honest – I’m a bit surprised at how nervous I am. So … Continue reading

Joe’s experience: My vasectomy

My name is Joe. I wanted a vasectomy when I first found out that I could make kids whilst I was in special ED classes in school. My vasectomy was on march 17 2004. Because I was a slow learner I didn’t want kids like me or worse. I was 14 years old when I … Continue reading

Randy’s experience: My vasectomy story

My wife and I will have been married 17 years this coming June. We have one child a 10-year-old boy who is the absolute center of our universe. My wife had a very difficult pregnancy with 23 hours of labor, preceded by 6 weeks of bed rest. Her water broke but she didn’t immediately go … Continue reading

Dennis’ experience: My vasectomy story

Hi from Ontario, Canada. I got home from the hospital about a half-hour ago, after a stop at the local drugstore for antibiotics and Tylenol #3’s. I’m experiencing some discomfort but nothing particularly extreme, I’d describe it as a low-grade ‘achiness’. Well, we’d discussed this idea of a vasectomy, my wife and I, and decided … Continue reading

Lawman’s experience: My vasectomy story

I had scheduled a vasectomy procedure because I am 40 years old, have two children, and don’t want any more. It was time. I had heard the stories of swollen testicles, intense pain, long recovery, etc. I decided to research the effects myself and found your site very helpful and encouraging. My vas was scheduled … Continue reading

Biker’s experience: I survived!

Below is the start of my vasectomy story for you to put up on your site under personal stories. I’ve found others’ stories really helpful, so I’ll do my part. As you see, I’m going in tomorrow (Sept 22) so I’ll get back to you with the results. September 21, 2005 I’m going in tomorrow … Continue reading

Vasectomy class at Kaiser Clinic

I am 43 years old and am having my Vasectomy on the 1st of September 2005 at Kaiser Medical Group in San Diego, CA. Kaiser first asks you to attend a Vasectomy class, where the procedure is discussed, questions are asked and you sign your consent form. In California, you have a 30-day consent that … Continue reading

Max’s experience: Summary of my vasectomy

Just found your site and wanted to give a report on my vasectomy. My wife had a rough pregnancy in 2003 with our son, putting her in cardiac care for several days following a C-Section. This was enough to make us decide not only would a tubal ligation require similar surgery and the same potential … Continue reading

Nick’s experience: Vasectomy story from the UK

Week before I’m very nervous about the procedure, although determined to go ahead. We have three children who are all great, but definitely do not want any more. The most recent were twin boys, and the idea of having another set of twins makes me even more nervous than I am about the procedure! I’m … Continue reading