Vasectomy Class at Kaiser Clinic (A Vasectomy Story)

Editor’s Note: Steve hasn’t yet had his vasectomy–he is due to have it September 1, 2005. He’s promised to update the story once he’s had his vasectomy. The reason I’m publishing the story early is that Steven feels that by doing so, it might help others contemplating a vasectomy at a Kaiser clinic by knowing about their “Vasectomy class”.

I am 43 years old and am having my Vasectomy on the 1st of September 2005 at Kaiser Medical Group in San Diego, CA.

Kaiser first asks you to attend a Vasectomy class, where the procedure is discussed, questions are asked and you sign your consent form. In California you have a 30 day consent that can be waived to a three day consent waiting period. I choose to waive the 30 days and get snipped as soon as I could, so I am going to get snipped before the Labor Day weekend starts on Thursday Sept 1, 2005. My Vasectomy snip is at 10:00 am.

Kaiser goes over and over how vasectomy is permanent birth control and so as to make you sure you are sterile afterwards, they take more of the vas out, when cutting per this one doctor who explained in the Vasectomy class.

The Doc that does the Vasectomy does the two incision method, one each high up on the scrotum and pulls out the vas out and cuts, tied and burns the closed ends and takes one inch to two inches of the VAS. We are instructed to shave our scrotum and around the upper part of the penis.

The Vasectomy class was very informative, most guys were between the ages of mid 20’s to late 40’s, but it was well worth going too. Some of the guys commented that it’s a vasectomy assembly line at the clinic on Thursdays from 08.30 until 4 pm, meaning every 30 minutes a guy is getting snipped on Thursdays, and from 08.30 until 12 noon on Fridays. It will be a good feeling to know I will not be alone getting snipped on that day, also it was suggested with bringing a jock-strap to take a few extra Strength Tylenol.

Update September 7, 2005

I am alive after V Day!!! 🙂

Well I went into the Urology Dept, checked in and paid a 15.00 co pay fee. I waited about 25 minutes and my name was called. When I entered the room, a few instructions were given out, and I was then asked to go into a bathroom where as I took all my clothes off and put on a hospital gown. I then laid on the table, the Nurse, (she was female) swabbed some sterile yellow in color liquid stuff all over my scrotum, well she poured the stuff.. it was cold! The she put the ground for the cautery on my left leg and put drapes over my penis and around the scrotum.

Dr. S was his name, came in and greeted me. He first injected a shot at the base of my penis, and then started feeling the vas on the left side. I felt a lot of pressure like he was pulling the testicle or something like that. He commented that the left side appeared to have some sort of infection, the vas did not feel the same, but I smelled a lot of the cautery being used, I heard the snips being made and he said he was giving me antibiotics for what he saw perhaps was an infection (this was news to me, made me nervous, never felt any pain or anything on that side to notice anything was wrong) the Kaiser MD after he cut the vas ends, he tied the ends and used the cautery to seal them. I did not feel a thing!

He completed the left side and started to work on the right side, making a comment that the right vas felt good and I felt some pressure but not as much as on the left, and before I knew it I was done. He made a puncture not a cut at the bottom of the penis, so maybe he does the no scalpel method; I know that cautery was used to seal the ends of the vas after they were tied off. Everything except the pool of yellow stuff I was sitting in (which later I tried to wash off), went well.

I was given septra as a RX for the left side, I took three extra strength Tylenol before I left the clinic and drove 20 miles home. In the parking structure I put on the outside of my jock these small ice packs. About 2 pm I took three more extra strength Tylenol and have iced the sack all day. He did not stitch up where the entry point to the vas, he said he wanted to let it drain, and to use sterile gauze over the hole to heal.

So far I am typing this to you and I feel great, so to speak, I have been resting, wearing my jockstrap, I put back in my PA, and well will keep you posted in the coming up days how things are going. Day two went well, I iced all day and took my Tylenol and by Friday I was up and moving around. I still needed to wear a jockstrap for support, as the right side of the vas kept giving me somewhat a dull ache. I even went to the Indian Casino and played slots for a few hours. No bleeding, no discomfort, and so far everything seems to be going well.


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