Grufty’s experience: Short vasectomy story

I’m going to keep this very short. I’ve found this site extremely helpful before and after my vasectomy. The worst thing for me was the couple of months of wait I had before the big day. The whole worry and dread of the unknown.

To cut it short (excuse the pun), once the valium was taken before the procedure I didn’t care what was done to me. I had a lovely chat with the nurse and the surgeon. The only thing I felt was the needle going in, and then nothing. No pulling, tugging, cutting, absolutely nothing. I remember I had a chat with the surgeon and prayed he wasn’t a Manchester United fan. I’m a Liverpool fan and had my shirt on. He said he liked Everton. Oh great! I was in his hands, so to speak. What felt like ten minutes was actually thirty minutes.

I was wheeled back to my room with my wife waiting for me and apparently, I was telling her how great it all was. Straight home, smiling, chatting, and happy. And off to bed to sleep it off.

One month later, just a very mild dull ache in my left one every now and again. Apart from that, I wish I didn’t go through all that worry. It was so easy and very painless. I highly recommend the valium if offered.

Update: 5 months later

Just an update from my operation. It’s now five months since I had it and I can honestly say I feel great. No dull aches, twinges, or anything. Given the all-clear a couple of weeks ago so as they say, Wahay!

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