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Was the wrong thing cut?

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    At about age 7 I think my right testicle did not fall they operated on it and it was in the right place. In 2003 I had a vasectomy. The day after the operation my whole adomen was black and blue inside went back to the doctor and he gave me antibotics, it went away he said it was a blood vessel. So now I cannot all the time keep an ererection. Could he of cut what was not suppose to be cut?

    Dr. Edward Karpman

    It is highly unlikely that any of the nerves or arteries responsible for erection could have been injured at the time of a vasectomy, regardless of your previous surgical history. These structures are distant from a standard vasectomy site. Bleeding after a vasectomy can cause some apprehension about sexual intercourse. Patients should be encouraged to continue with their normal sexual routine. If sexual dysfunction persists, then an evaluation by a trained specialist is recommended to rule out other potential causes of sexual dysfunction.

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