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Pinching sensation after vasectomy

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    I had a vasectomy several weeks ago and the recovery seems to be going well with one exception. I started to notice a pulling or pinching sensation from my left testicle after the initial swelling from the operation went away. From a physical examination (I performed on myself) I can feel a “tube” (I am assuming this is the Vas) still coming from my left testicle directly to the base of my penis, where the incision is. I can not feel the same on the right testicle, assumable because the vas was cut. Anyway, the tube on from the left testicle is very tight, almost like a guitar string and if I lift my left testicle up to my body the pulling/pinching sensation goes away. I know that duplicate vas deferens are very rare so I was wondering what else this is I could be experiencing.

    Is it possible that the cut end of the left vas was somehow caught in the stitching and the now shorter length is causing the discomfort and pulling sensation? Thanks for your help.

    Dr. Edward Karpman

    During a vasectomy a small segment of vas deferens is usually removed to ensure success of the procedure. Most often you can still palpate both vasa after the procedure. Tethering of the vas to some underlying tissue is possible and can cause the sensation that the vas is “tight”. If there is a pulling/pinching sensation from this tethering it can be relieved with a small surgical procedure releasing the tethering. However, this can also create additional scarring within the scrotum leading to new problems. A period of healing that will allow the scar to remodel might alleviate these symptoms. Using a scrotal support or tight underwear will relieve the temporary discomfort associated with the tethering. A duplicate vas deferens is extremely rare and would result in the presence of persistent motile sperm in the ejaculate on follow-up semen analysis.

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