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Disparate swelling post vasectomy

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    I am 6 days post-vasectomy. Everything went very smoothly during the procedure, as far as I know anyway. The doctor used the cauterizing tool to both create the incision and sever the vas. I had no real discomfort during the procedure and only minor discomfort after. I am concerned about swelling though, which leads to my first question:

    The swelling I keep hearing about, is it swelling of the skin, the testicle itself or maybe the severed ends of the vas? I have some swelling on the left side and none on the right. (In fact the right has so little discomfort/swelling that I wonder if the doc accidentally cut the left vas twice and missed the right vas. Is this likely?)

    The swelling, however, seems to be at the cut ends of the vas and is about the size of a grape. I can kind of feel two spots where the swelling is and both are very tender. There is also a large mass of vascular tubing on the left side surrounding the swelling points, it’s almost as if I now have a third teste in there. The vascular material was probably there before but I find it strange that it is ALL gathered to the left and I basically feel none on the right.

    Should I be able to locate both vas and their severed ends by gently running my finger and thumb along the scrotum? I am just concerned that I am having a normal experience and should not worry. Thank you.

    Dr. Edward Karpman

    Disparate swelling on one side of the scrotum can occur and does not necessarily imply a complication after a vasectomy. This can be entirely related to the degree of dissection or manipulation during the vasectomy. A discrete swelling the size of a grape at the vasectomy site can represent a sperm granuloma, a common occurrence after a vasectomy. This can increase in size or remain the same. Sperm granulomas are not anything to be concerned about unless they cause discomfort. A vascular collection around the spermatic cord can represent a varicocele, especially if it is found on the left side and noted prior to the vasectomy, as most varicoceles occur on this side. Six days after a vasectomy is still very early after the procedure and with some patience and limited activity most procedure related pain and swelling should resolve.

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