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MRI after vasectomy?

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    I have had a vasectomy that also utilized clips in addition to removing a section of the vas deferens and have a question concerning the clips. I am not close to the doctor any longer or would ask him but what are the clips made of and would that be of concern in the event of needing a MRI do to the strong magnetic draw?

    Dr. Edward Karpman

    Currently, clips used for vasectomy are made of titanium which is not considered to be a contraindication for MRI scans. However, clips can be made of several different metals and depending on the era in which the clips were placed, one might not have had clips made from Titanium. Unfortunately, the only sure way to tell is to ask the surgeon who performed the vasectomy what type of clips were used.

    robert gardner

    I had a vasectomy in about 1974. I need to know what the clips are made of due to need for MRI’s.
    I had an orchiectomy (left) in 2018 and two of the clips are with that matter that was removed. If the matter was kept how can it be determined if the clips have too much iron in them to affect the abdominal MRI that I now need? What were clips made from in those years?

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