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Can a vasectomy cause a hernia?

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    My husband had a vasectomy 5 months ago that failed, resulting in conceiving our 7th child – I am now 15 weeks pregnant. He had a sperm test after three months that showed a high sperm count. Our local doctor who performed the vas. said that it was indeed recanalization and just this week performed another vasectomy on my husband.

    My concern is that after his first vasectomy he had chronic pain for a couple months, and a huge hernia formed – and now, after this second vasectomy it is rapidly growing and increasingly painful. We have been told that there is no connection with the vasectomy and the hernia, yet they seem connected. He is booked to have hernia surgery next week.

    Do you see any connection between vasectomies and hernias?

    Dr. Edward Karpman

    There is no evidence that a vasectomy can cause a hernia.

    The vasectomy incision does not involve opening the fascia layer in the abdominal wall. Only if the fascial layer was opened can a surgery potentially cause a hernia.

    Hernias are a common problem and can temporally occur at the same time that a vasectomy was done, but unrelated to the vasectomy procedure.


    My husband had a vasectomy about seventeen years ago and now he has a double hernia. I know that the two are not connected but with all the pressure and pushing that the hernia is causing is there anyway that this could cause a reversal in his vasectomy?


    My husband had a vasectomy about 8 months ago and while driving him home from the surgery he complained that he woke up during the surgery and told the doctor that he hurt him. He said it felt like he pulled to hard on his left side, and ever since he has had discomfort on his left side. It is always swollen and you can see it under his skin. We went to our family doctor and he said it was a hernia. I have read that the spermatic cord passes through the abdomen and into the testes, and that there is one for each testicle. Is it possible that this “pulling” that my husband complained of be the doctor pulling this cord resulting in a hernia? If not, why did it happen at the same time the surgery took place? It was not there before and it has been there ever since.


    I plan on getting a vasectomy reversal and I really want to have the reversal but don’t know if I can? I had a hernia surgery done 5 years ago and have read they have make larger incision then normal when this is the case.

    Phil palmer

    I had a Vasectomy done on Friday, all seemed fine on the day but slowly started to feel worse with one of my balls swelling a lot more than the other. By Saturday I was in quite a bit of pain and was told I should go to A&E to get it checked out. The doctors thought it was just blood and a course of antibiotics would sort it out. The following day I had an ultrasound and they found a hernia. I was totally fine before I went for the vasectomy and 100% sure this must have somehow caused it. Currently sat in Hospital waiting for my operation in 1 hour 29 mins time. Wish me luck


    Vasectomy is a surgical procedure that forces the patient to refrain from heavy lifting for days or even weeks. During that time the muscles in the abdominal wall can weaken if they were used to regular heavy lifting and exercise. If the patient tried to get back to heavy lifting too quickly then it could make them more likely to get a hernia. This would be more likely if they were not building their core back up and if they were in the 40 plus age group already at higher risk for hernias. But the surgery would not cause any long-term increased risk.

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