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Swelling a month after vasectomy

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  • Dr. Edward Karpman

    Significant swelling immediately after a vasectomy can represent a hematoma. This is an unfortunate and uncommon complication after a vasectomy. If a complication such as a hematoma occurs then it can take a while to resolve. depending on the size of the hematoma, it can take several months to resolve and the discomfort of this process can even take longer. Sitting in warm baths, using anti-inflammatories and a scrotal support can expedite the process and minimize the discomfort associated with a hematoma.

    Retired account

    I had a vasectomy 4 weeks ago today. It was however not without complication. The procedure itself went very smooth no pain, no bleeding. After went home and swelled up about the size of a nerf football. I did not do anything that I was not suppose to. For the next 2 weeks I was on bed rest due to not being able to walk. Now 4 weeks later I am still swollen and my testicles are for the most part hard to the touch with some minor discomfort. I was put on 2 cycles of keflex by my urologist. When I called the other day to express my concern he told me it sounded as though I was just heeling slow. Suggested I wait 2 more months before calling back to give an opportunity to heal. Is this reasonable? Really in the last 10 days I have seen no improvements.

    I am not sure how to tell if I have some of the other potential side effects of the surgery. My testicles are still 3 times larger than original and really have a hard time doing anything like running or playing with my kids. I would appreciate some insight or suggestion.

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