Vasectomy Information Forums “Dimple” on my scrotum 20 days post vasectomy

“Dimple” on my scrotum 20 days post vasectomy

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    I’m about 20 days post vasectomy and a little concerned about the incision site. The single incision was made just below the penis a little to the right of midline. The sutures have dissolved and the incision is in a “dimple” in the scrotal skin which was not there before the procedure. It feels like the skin may still be “tacked” to an internal structure and the free ends of one or both vas deferens may terminate there as well.

    The question is whether this is a normal method of closing the procedure and if so will this “dimple” eventually disappear.

    Dr. Edward Karpman

    A small dimple at the vasectomy incision site likely represents some tethering of the skin to some underlying structure. This is usually only a slight cosmetic problem. Oftentimes, these cosmetic skin changes will resolve over time as the incision scar remodels. Twenty days after a vasectomy is very early in the healing process. Patience will show that this mild cosmetic defect can resolve with time.

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