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Varicoceles three weeks after vasectomy

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    I had a vasectomy three weeks ago and still am in pain. I am still swelled the size of a golf ball on the left side and have had bruising in my pubic bone and up my left side (still bruised now). On my left side I have a varicocele, that pre-vasectomy would ache mildly (once in awhile). It is painful to walk and intercourse in also painful. I have asked my Dr if the varicocele could be interfering with the healing but he always “shuns” that thought. Can you please lend an opinion please? Thank you.

    Dr. Edward Karpman

    Varicoceles are most frequently found on the left side and can be a source of pain or discomfort in the testicle. However, not all varicoceles cause pain and I rarely fix a varicocele for pain. Relief of testicular pain after a varicocelectomy is reported in around 50% of patients. I strongly look for other causes of testicular pain even in the presence of a varicocele when dealing with patients with chronic pain. If there is still significant swelling after the vasectomy then this likely represents the source of pain. Once the swelling has completely resolved re-evaluation for testicular pain would probably be appropriate before considering any corrective varicocele surgery. Varicoceles should not impair the healing process in any way after a vasectomy.

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