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Lumped up cord 3 years post vasectomy

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    My husband had a vasectomy 3 years ago. He has noticed a big lumped up cord that he can move around. It is painful at times, and he has just noticed it a few weeks ago. What do you think it is, and what should we do? Thanks for your time.

    Dr. Edward Karpman

    A big lump around the spermatic cord 3 years after a vasectomy can represent one of several conditions. A sperm granuloma can develop around the site of the vasectomy. This is a benign accumulation of sperm from the testicular end of the vas deferens. It can also represent a varicocele, a dilated group of veins draining the testicle. The worst case scenario, and also the rarest, is a tumor arising from the spermatic cord. Sarcomas of the spermatic cord are rare, but can cause a mass effect. These are usually progressive in size. An examination by a physician with possible ultrasound evaluation would help differentiate between these different causes.

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