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Pea sized lumps?

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    My husband had a vasectomy almost 4 years ago using cautery, excision & fascial interposition. He did submit follow-up semen samples & was given the “all clear” after the 3rd one. I’m curious because there are pea sized lumps on both the left & right vas deferens. Midway up the testicle, there is a lump with what feels like vas on both the top & the testicular ends. Both the left & right sides have this. Is it just the way the fascial interposition technique is used or could it be a granuloma? Both have been there ever since we were brave enough to feel them after the vasectomy. He has had a few ejaculations that were painful, but that was within a year or 2 after the vasectomy. What do you think?

    Dr. Edward Karpman

    A Pea-sized lump midway up on the vas deferens usually represents a sperm granuloma or the suture material used to occlude the vas deferens. Neither of these situations should cause any problems after the vasectomy. Oftentimes these are unnoticeable unless the patient or his partner is carefully examining the scrotal contents.

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