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Pain during intercourse

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    My husband had a vasectomy 7 years ago. Sometimes during ejaculation he has pain and stinging. He has had this ever since the procedure and it seems to be getting worse. This doesn’t happen all the time. It seems to happen more often in certain positions during intercourse. Is this normal? Should he see our family doctor?

    Dr. Edward Karpman

    Intermittent pain and stinging associated with ejaculation is a unique complication after a vasectomy. The location of the pain is very important to understand the nature of it. A detailed evaluation by an urologist can help differentiate the source of the pain. Oftentimes, men will develop ejaculatory pain secondary to some other unrelated problem such as prostatitis. This is associated with an enlarging prostate as men get older. Treatment with medications is very effective in relieving the symptoms.

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