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Question about samples post vasectomy

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    I had my vasectomy done in April 2010, and the procedure went very well. I took my first sample back to the doctor after 25 ejaculations in mid-May. This sample came back negative. I took my second sample back to the doctor after 37 ejaculations in mid-June. This sample also came back negative.

    My question is this: since both samples were negative, does this mean that I was sterile between the 25th and 37th ejaculations (mid-May to mid-June)?

    Dr. Edward Karpman

    There is no guarantee that the samples between the first and second post vasectomy sample demonstrating no sperm are devoid of sperm, but we can only assume that they were.

    I have seen men with semen samples showing no sperm on the first analysis, sperm on the second analysis, and subsequent azoospermia on the following 2 samples. All of these semen analyses demonstrated only a few non-motile sperm on the second analysis, which most experts would agree is not capable of causing a pregnancy.

    Previous studies have shown that all men in one study demonstrated azoospermia after 24 ejaculates. Other surgeons have advocated only a single semen analysis 3 months after the vasectomy.

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