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What do you feel on ejaculation after a vasectomy?

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    I am thinking of having a vasectomy because my wife had toxemia on her first birth and the Dr said it there is a high chance she could get it again. Since I am lucky to still have her and our daughter I sure don’t want to chance it again. With this causing the sperm to not work, when you have sex, do you feel an ejaculation just the same as before a vasectomy? Or, if the sperm isn’t coming out, what kind of feeling do people say they have and do you just keep having sex until your wife is satisfied? Thank you for your time.

    Dr. Edward Karpman

    Many men get their vasectomy after their partner has some type of complication during pregnancy and the couple is told that having another pregnancy might be hazardous to the mother. Fortunately, vasectomy is a very safe and reliable form of birth control that can prevent an unwanted pregnancy. A lot of men are concerned about what changes in their sex life they or their partner might notice after the procedure. The short answer is that there is no adverse change in the quality of sexual enjoyment for either partner after a vasectomy. In fact, many people report improvements in sexual enjoyment because they no longer need to worry about an unwanted pregnancy.

    Physiologically, you shouldn’t notice any change in the quantity or quality of your semen/ejaculate. The reason for this is that sperm only comprise about 5% of your total ejaculate volume. The remaining 95% comes from the prostate and seminal vesicles and is unaffected by the vasectomy. Therefore, your ejaculate should essentially remain the same. Orgasm, the pleasure we receive during climax is a physiological process that occurs in the brain is unaffected by the vasectomy nor is it related to the presence of sperm in the ejaculate. Sperm in the ejaculate has no relationship to the quality of your sexual intercourse or the satisfaction during intercourse you or your partner would have after a vasectomy. The only purpose of sperm in the ejaculate is to procreate.

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