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Long term swelling after vasectomy

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    My husband has a vasectomy on Sept. 1, 2006. It is now 10.5 months later and he is sterile but still with a complication. He did all that he was supposed to for 3 days straight: no lifting, no sudden movements, the ice, the ibuprofen, the rest, the jockstrap etc. However, his left scrotum swelled to the size of a baseball. A month after the procedure, an absess was removed from the scrotum and a second round of antibiotics was prescribed. All of this did not help. He continued to live with a swollen “nut” until April 2007 when three syringes of fluid were removed in an office visit. Another round of anitbiotics was prescribed. Still, no relief.

    He has seen 3 urologists, has four rounds of antibiotics, and 3 ultrasounds. It is now the end of July 2007 and has been told by urologist #3 that he can have surgery to clean up the fluid build-up which probably will cause the testicle to “die”, or just have the thing removed right off the bat. We have been able to be intimate, but he cannot run with our children or walk around extensively without his scrotum swelling more and pulling on his groin. He suffers from bouts of nausea as well and he cannot wear a jockstrap anymore because there is none big enough. Jokingly, I offered to cut a C-cup bra in half and sew on some leg straps. He didn’t laugh. We just want to know if anyone else has ever had this and saved their testicle. He’s very afraid to lost it, but cannot stand the pain anymore. Thanks for hearing our story.

    Dr. Edward Karpman

    Prolonged swelling in the scrotum after a vasectomy can represent an abscess, hydrocele, spermatocele or hematoma. If the swelling is causing problems then it should be dealt with with an operation to drain the fluid and prevent this problem from recurring. These surgical procedures should not cause any damage to the testicle if done correctly. A scrotal ultrasound confirming preserved testicular volume prior to any procedure can be repeated afterwards to confirm this. Perhaps, another opinion from an urologist specializing in vasectomy surgery and its complications can resolve this problem.

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