Vasectomy Information Forums Are my health problems related to my vasectomy 35 years ago?

Are my health problems related to my vasectomy 35 years ago?

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    I am 66 year years old, and since having had a vasectomy at 31 (1972) I have suffered numerous health problems, depression, heart attack and surgery, gall stones and pneumonia.

    I have searched the web for others which may have experienced a similar fate. For many years I looked for a male anatomy chart showing all the connections to the testes. Recently in my urologist office while waiting, I observed the anatomy charts and drawings. I discovered something that may explain my health problems, and what I now believe to be the cause for them. Specifically what caught my eye was the blood supply to the testes.

    I believe there is a possibility that the artery/vein to the testes was snagged and possibly torn or broken. Is this possible? Are there reported cases of this?

    Dr. Edward Karpman

    The artery and/or vein to the testicle can be injured during a vasectomy, however, this is an uncommon complication. Damage to the artery can result in atrophy of the testicle on the side the artery was damaged. However, since the testicle has a redundant blood supply from three different sources, this will only occur approximately ten percent of the time if the artery is damaged. Ligating (tying) the veins of the testicle really should not cause any problems as we routinely do this when performing a varicocelectomy. In fact, testicular health is improved after a varicocelectomy! Depression, heart attack, gall stones and pneumonia represent some of the most common medical problems physicians treat on a daily basis in this country.

    To my knowledge, no association between vasectomy and the aforementioned problems has ever been reported in the literature. Just because someone has had a vasectomy does not make them immune from developing any other medical problems.

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