Mark’s experience: Three weeks of worry

I found this site very helpful in the weeks leading up to my vasectomy and, now that the monkey is finally off my back, I thought should submit my own experience. With the birth of our third child, last year my wife and I agreed that our family was complete. We did not want to … Continue reading

Greg’s experience: A piece of cake!

Its 11:30 am the day after, First of all, I will admit I was extremely nervous yesterday. My appointment was at 2:15 pm yesterday, felt pretty cocky when I got there. The waiting room was full, with each a nurse entered the waiting room to call a patient’s name my nerves got worse. I just … Continue reading

Jim’s story: New Yorker’s experience

Thanks to those who’ve told their story. I appreciated reading them. I’m 30 years old, married with two children. We live in New York, USA. My wife and I considered our family complete and so we did our homework on various permanent birth control methods. We chose vasectomy. Here’s my story My wife and I … Continue reading

Stephanie’s story: NSV procedure

Just a note from the woman’s point of view. Last fall I found that I had developed high blood pressure and would not be able to use the pill. We tried condoms for about a month. I had forgotten how really bad they are. We had to find something better. I told my husband, Donald, … Continue reading

Gary’s experience: NSV – the way to go

First I had my vasectomy on March 24, 2000. After my wife and myself decided that we only wanted one child, but now have two, it was time to do something about a permanent form of birth control (the pill was not an option, it made the wife irritable and hard to live with…hehe). I, … Continue reading

Matt’s story: Australian vasectomy experience

The decision I spent a lot of time making the decision that vasectomy was the way to go. I’d thought for a few years that it was the easiest and best long-term contraceptive option, and when our youngest was 3, I started thinking seriously. I always like to read up on anything I’m planning to … Continue reading