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Post-reversal sperm count reading question

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    My husband’s post vasectomy reversal was done 4 months ago and the sperm analysis showed a volume 0.2ml, pH 8, motility 0%, count 250,000/ml non motile sperm, Morphology 40% normal 60% abnormal. Is this something that will potentially correct itself or should we be looking at micro-surgical correction of possible scarring?

    Dr. Edward Karpman

    A vasectomy can be reversed by two different procedures, vasovasostomy or epididymovasostomy. If a vasosvasostomy was done then four months is an adequate waiting period to gauge the success of the procedure. A semen analysis showing only 250,000 sperm with zero motility is unlikely to get anyone pregnant. This can represent scarring at the vasectomy reversal site. However, an ejaculate volume of 0.2ml is also very abnormal and may represent a secondary problem at another site in the reproductive tract such as the ejaculatory duct or prostate. Any vasectomy reversal surgeon who is also a male infertility specialist should be able to help identify the exact site of the problem. If this does represent scarring at the vasectomy reversal site, then a “re-do” operation using a 2-layer microsurgical approach would be the best solution.

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