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I bailed out of vasectomy – am I a wimp?

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    I was scheduled to have a vasectomy today. The doctor, a partner of my usual physician, gave me my first injection in my arm to relax me. He had a hard time finding my vein. He continued to wash me up and so forth. When he went to do the local I felt very uncomfortable, as in physical discomfort. When he gave the local it felt as though he was going to rip my testicles off. I am a big guy, and I was squirming like a fish on a boat. It felt terribly uncomfortable and painful, a really dull pain. He stopped at my request. He proceeded to get very upset with me, and uttered statements such as, “I have never had this happen” and “It’s all in your head”. He left in a huff and I slowly got back dressed. I felt not only humiliated, but as the day has gone on, my testicles have been very painful, from feeling sore to feeling like I had been kicked in the groin. I also still have the sensation of my testicles that someone had tried to yank them off. Very sore and strained.

    I have a couple of questions;
    Is this normal and I am a big wimp?
    Is this a sign of another condition (the Dr. today
    said it was all in my head”)?
    Could I just have an extra sensitive scrotum?

    Thank you.

    Dr. Edward Karpman

    The scrotum is a very sensitive area for a man. Some men are more sensitive than others in this area. Rarely, I will have a man who just can’t tolerate having the procedure done in the office under a local anesthetic. In these situations, I recommend doing it under a general anesthetic in the operating room. This becomes a much more involved procedure in terms of convenience for the patient. All patients are unique and their physicians should try to accommodate their individual needs if they are reasonable.

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