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Are two incisions better than one?

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    I know there are two ways of cutting into the scrotum. In your personal opinion, are there advantages or disadvantages to either way?

    Dr. Edward Karpman

    Vasectomy can be performed through two separate incisions (one over each vas deferens) or through a single incision in the midline. The decision as to which technique your surgeon will perform is based on his/her experience and comfort level.

    The single midline incision has the advantage of only one opening in scrotum. However, this means that the vas deferens needs to “pulled to the incision” instead of the “incision coming to the vas deferens.” Excessive pulling on the vas deferens during the procedure can add unnecessary discomfort which counteracts any benefit from a single incision.

    Additionally, the scrotum is separated into two compartments by a midline septum which is full of blood vessels. A midline incision can damage these septal blood vessels and increase the chances of bleeding after your vasectomy. It is no secret that I prefer to use two separate tiny incisions to ensure patient comfort and minimize any complications with the procedure.

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