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35 ejaculations and still sperm!

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    I had a no-scalpel vasectomy at the beginning of June. From what I have read it takes about 24 ejaculations to clear any remaining sperm from your system. In the 5 weeks since my vasectomy I have had 35 ejaculations. I was absolutely sure there would be no chance I have anything left in me when I went in for my semen analysis this week.The results came back and I am told I have “many motile sperm”. After 35 ejaculations, how could this be?

    My doctor’s office told me to wait two more months and then go back in and get tested again. Is time frame important or is it just how many ejaculations you have? I don’t want to waste 2 months if its clear this is a red flag that my vasectomy failed.

    Dr. Edward Karpman

    The finding of many motile sperm after 35 ejaculations after a vasectomy likely represents a failed vasectomy. A good idea is to re-check the semen analysis prior to proceeding to a re-do vasectomy. A few NON-MOTILE sperm in the ejaculate would be a more encouraging situation. If there are persistent MOTILE sperm in the ejaculate, this likely represents a patent vas deferens on one or both sides.

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